The Anatomy of the Assignment Operator
In depth discussion of writing solid assignment operators. Explains exception safety and memory management issues.
The Assignment Operator Revisited
Looks at how difficult it is to copy state from one object to another. (Richard Gillam)
C++ in the Real World
This article explores the strengths of C++, and how to exploit them in projects.
C++ Internals
Discusses implementation details like multiple inheritance, virtual functions and exception handling.
C++ Optimizations
List of C++ source code optimizations that can give big returns, especially when used in tight loops. By Andrew S. Winter.
C++: Beyond The Standard Library
Takes a look at Blitz++, MTL (Matrix Template Library), ACE, Loki and Boost.
Constant Objects and Constant Expressions
Explains why constant objects are not as useful as some people would like them to be.
Contracts: From Analysis to C++ Implementation
Describes a set of techniques and tools (an environment) facilitating prototyping of, providing general mechanisms for, object-oriented architectures based on the idea of assertion checking and Design by Contract (DbC) in C++.
Create Movie from HBitmap
Describes creating AVI/WMV/QuickTime movies from sequences of bitmaps with source code examples.
Creating Truly Maintainable Class Factories
Presents a solution that is easily extensible and maintainable; what's more, it is particularly well suited to creating objects from XML data.
The Design of C++0x
Bjarne Stroustrup provides insights on what will likely be added or changed in the upcoming version of the C++ standard.
Dynamic C++ Classes
Describes a lightweight mechanism to update code in a running program. (Gísli Hjálmtýsson, Robert Gray) [PDF]
Enumeration Constants vs. Constant Objects
Presents insights on choosing between symbolic constants as either enumeration constants or constant objects.
Functional Style in C++
Discusses closures, late binding, and lambda abstractions.
Herb Sutter - Publications
Over 80 in-depth articles about object-oriented software development and C++ design and programming have been published in C/C++ Users Journal, C++ Report, Dr. Dobb's Journal, Java Report, Visual C++ Developer's Journal, and other magazines.
An Introduction to Garbage Collection, Part I
Presents an introduction to garbage collection, presenting the subject in enough detail to show the various tradeoffs and advantages between various techniques and what goes on under the hood in a typical garbage collector.
The Miseducation of C++
Modern C++ is a more expressive, simpler language than C, and a language in its own right, so why do so many people insist on teaching it historically? Kevlin Henney appeals for a reform of the C++ education system. [PDF]
Optimizing Software in C++
An optimization manual for advanced C++ programmers on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. Topics include: the choice of platform and operating system, choice of compiler and framework, finding performance bottlenecks, the efficiency of different C++ constructs, multi-kernel systems, parallelization with vector operations, CPU dispatching and efficient container class templates. [PDF]
Publications by Bjarne Stroustrup
Reasonably complete list of Bjarne's publications.
Symbolic Constants
Shows all choices for defining symbolic constants.
What is Koenig Lookup?
A definition of argument-dependent name lookup with examples for application with HP aC++.
C++0x Feature Support in GCC 4.5
This article focuses on a subset of several C++0x features that GCC version 4.5 supports, including static assertions, initializer lists, type narrowing, newer semantics of the auto keyword, lambda functions, and variadic templates. (March 01, 2011)
Simpler Multithreading in C++0x
The new standard will support multithreading, with a new thread library. This article explains how this will improve porting code, and reduce the number of APIs and syntaxes used. (August 18, 2008)
An Introduction to XML Data Binding in C++
This article looks at XML Data Binding at a new alternative to automate much of the task of processing XML data by presenting the information stored in XML as a statically-typed, vocabulary-specific object model. (Boris Kolpackov) (May 04, 2007)
Introducing the Catenator
This article introduces a very sophisticated and useful data structure for efficient string processing, while at the same time revealing some interesting features of C++. (Adam Sanitt) (September 30, 2005)
The Design and Implementation of SPECS: An Alternative C++ Syntax
By B.M. Werther and D.M. Conway, Dept. Computer Science, Monash University, Melbourne. [PDF] (January 01, 1996)
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