Adding Exception Testing to Unit Tests
This article describes a simple method of adding exhaustive testing of the exception paths to the test suite.
C++ Exception Handling
Introduces the concept of exception handling for handling program errors.
Error and Exception Handling
Presents some guidelines when to use exceptions.
Exception Handling in C++
Learn how to throw an exception, how to associate handlers, or catch clauses, with a set of program statements using a try block, how exceptions are handled by catch clauses, exception specifications, and design considerations for programs that use exceptions.
Exception Handling: A False Sense Of Security
Explains why most members of the C++ community vastly underestimate the skills needed to program with exceptions and therefore underestimate the true costs of their use. By Tom Cargill.
Exception Safety Analysis
Discusses how to analyze the exception safety of a function. (Andrei Alexandrescu and David B. Held) [PDF]
Exception-Safety in Generic Components
Lessons learned from specifying exception-safety for the C++ standard library.
How a C++ Compiler Implements Exception Handling
An indepth discussion of how VC++ implements exception handling. Source code includes exception handling library for VC++.
Making an Exception
Exception handling in C++ can save a program from digital death, but it must be treated with care. Kevlin Henney explains how to make programs exception-safe. [PDF]
Optimizing Away C++ Exception Handling
Describes an optimization that produces modest but useful gains on some existing C++ code, but produces very significant size and speed gains on code that uses empty exception specifications, avoiding otherwise serious performance losses. [PDF]
Revisiting Exception Handling
Reviews guidelines developed years ago for throwing exceptions and how to use exception specifications.
Smart Pointers Reloaded (III)
Constructor Tracking - Talks about dealing with exceptions that occur during object initialization by taking a look at smart_ptr initialization that has important teachings for any generic design - and policy-based classes in particular. (Andrei Alexandrescu and David B. Held) [PDF]
Throwing Destructors
It is becoming increasingly popular to consider throwing destructors a bad practice. This document presents some insights on the problem and shows that maybe throwing from a destructor is not such a bad idea.
Designing C++ Interfaces - Exception Safety
The ACCU is a non-profit organisation devoted to professionalism in programming at all levels. Although primarily focussed on C and C++, they also have interests in Java, C# and Python. (June 01, 2001)
Constructor Failures (or, The Objects That Never Were)
Shows what object construction, and construction failure, mean in C++; and that function try blocks are useful to translate an exception thrown from a base or member subobject constructor. (November 01, 2000)
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