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Calling Webservices from ASP.NET: Example Google Web Service
Describe how to call webservices in ASP.NET and provide the Google Search web service as an example.
Formal Tools for Securing Web Services
The goal of the Samoa Project is to exploit recent theoretical advances in the analysis of security protocols in the practical setting of XML web services. Includes tutorials, latest developments and tools.
J2EE Web Services Presentation
Presentation given to the TriJUG Java user's group in Jan. 2004 on the J2EE APIs related to Web services.
Oncoming Wave with Web Services
An article explains the standards, protocols and development tools of web services.
A SOAP Web Service for the RCX
Guide for several programming languages on how to write a SOAP client to consume a JWSDP web service interfacing a RCX brick. JAX-RPC serialization, handler, and complex types are covered.
Web Service Tutorial
Weblogic 8.1 Web Services examples, and tutorial articles for beginners.
Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures
This site will help to get started with Web services and service-oriented architectures. It features free articles and product listings related to service-oriented architectures.
Web Services Architecture Overview
Presents an overview of IBM Web Services architecture, including what Web Services are, the fundamental characteristics of a Web Services architecture and the benefits of this approach. By IBM Web Services Architecture Team.
A Web Services Primer
High level introduction to SOAP, UDDI, WSDL. Demonstrates how these technologies fit together to provide a basis for web services and how they compare to older middleware such as CORBA, RMI, and COM.
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