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DHTML scripts, demos, and examples.

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A modern cross-browser Web GUI toolkit. Provides full set of standard widgets (grid, tree, tabs, menu, etc.) with fast and convenient data-binding interface. [Open source, GPL]
Adding Methods to HTML Elements
How to extend HTML elements with custom methods when coding Web 2.0 application and DHTML.
Advanced DHMTL
Demonstrates advanced Javascript with demos of flocking fish and lighting animation
Anime Theme Dynamic HTML Center
FREE DHTML scripts for download.
Apycom DHTML Menu
A versatile, ready-made solution that allows web developers to create cross-browser, fast-loading navigation systems for websites and web applications.
Baton's Projects - DUDE
[D]ynamic [U]seful [D]esktop [E]nvironment (aka DUDE) JavaScript/DHTML windows environment.
Experiments in web programming. Includes practical examples of coding for browsers that support the W3C DOM.
Interactive visual animations and experimental demos using dynamic HTML, HTML 5, and Javascript with an option to copy/paste source-code.
A DHTML graph and text generator featuring prime numbers
Complete with support pages, this is a JavaScript-driven DHTML graph generator, using prime numbers as an example. It features code and examples for a new approach to web design, with features including instant responses to user-commands, and a new way to do buttons.
DHTML Slideshow with Fading Effects
Example of DHTML slideshow with fading effect that works in NN4, IE4, Opera 5, Mozilla, and all browsers based on Gecko. Older browsers display the pictures side by side.
A daily TV schedule for the Netherlands with a dynamic UI that is best viewed with mozilla.
Drag and Drop Sample
Demonstrates drag and drop of a DIV. View Source to see how it works.
Drag-and-drop planetary size comparison
Interactively compare the sizes of two or more planets in the solar system by dragging their images into the size box. DHMTL page that works in W3C DOM compliant browsers only. (will work in MSIE 5, although error messages are produced.) External script files.
Nice collection of scripts and samples demonstrating the fundamentals of DOM coding made by Martial Boissonneault.
JavaScript and DOM Factory
Visual browser checking for properties of JavaScript and DOM objects.
JavaScript Windows demo by Mike Hall
This page demonstrate Mike Hall's API to create windows using the W3C DOM.
The jsDOM project was created in order to develop a Javascript library for creating dynamic html components in browsers that support the DOM. [Open source, LGPL]
Menu Bar Components by Mike Hall (
This page demonstrates Mike Hall's Menu Bar implementation using the W3C DOM.
Mozilla's DOM Sample Project
Samples made by volunteers for sharing knowledge and information about the DOM of Mozilla.
Mozilla's DOM Sample Project: List of Sample Pages
A set of interactive samples demonstrating how to use features of the W3C DOM.
Download and Test directory for overlibmws, a free open source software for enhancing web pages with DHTML popups. By Macrides Web Services.
Some DHTML adavanced scripts with a focus on computer graphics, realtime interaction and extreme size optimization.
QuirksMode: DHTML Micro API
An extremely small cross-browser DHTML API. JavaScript source code with explanation.
A library unifies site web design and takes it a step further by introducing features such as error handling, browser detection, real-time moving / resizing / clipping, relative positioning and dimensioning, external page embedding, a revised event model, automatic limit enforcement, drag&drop. [Opne source, LGPL]
Resolution Independent Layout
Script sets "" according to the width of the window, that can be resized.
SmartWebby's Guide to Simple DHTML
Introduction to DHTML with JavaScript. Examples of drop down menus, tip boxes and various form processing scripts.
DXHTML W3C Compliant Menu system
Toshirou Takahashi's DOM Sample Code
Numerous samples showing how to use DOM features.
TwinHelix: JavaScript and DHTML
Fast, powerful and cross-browser compatible JavaScript, with popup menu, DHTML scroller, custom tooltip scripts.
Visualizing DOM Level 1
Downloadable diagram. Shows DOM1 interfaces, attributes, and methods.
A showcase for DOM and DHTML JavaScript programming.
xFX DHTML Menu Creator
Download an evaluation version of tool for DHTML menu creation.
A W3C-DOM Level 2 compatibility layer to programming Dynamic HTML in standard DOM and exactly same way in any browser with DHTML capabilities: Navigator 4.x, MSIE 4.x, 5.x and Mozilla/Netscape 6 as reference implementation.
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