A weblog—or, more often, blog—is a user-generated website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order.

The weblogs listed here provide commentary and/or news primarily about Adobe ColdFusion. A typical blog in this category will combine text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to ColdFusion and CFML.

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Jason Dean's blog about ColdFusion web development, application security, JavaScript and Adobe AIR.
1SmartSolution Blog
A blog on ColdFusion, Flex, AJAX and related technologies. Also offers portfolio, tools, and a ColdFusion jobs "heat map".
Adrian J. Moreno @ iKnowKung(Foo).Blog();
A blog about Object Oriented Programming with ColdFusion and Mach-II, website architecture and related topics.
Ahamad Patan ColdFusion 8 Blog
Blog to discuss ColdFusion 8, Flex, and related technologies.
Akbarsait's ColdFusion and Web Development Blog
A blog for ColdFusion Development, web development and web technologies.
An Architect's View
Sean Corfield's weblog, covering ColdFusion, frameworks, and software design. Also includes news on the development of Fusebox 5.
ArcIMS and ColdFusion Users
A group weblog for users of ESRI Software's ArcIMS and Macromedia ColdFusion, covering platforms issues, coding, Flash and Java integration.
Axel Jensen on ColdFusion, Eclipse, and Flex.
Ben Forta
Adobe ColdFusion evangelist's personal weblog. [RSS]
Brian's Blog
Personal blog of Brian Kotek, covering ColdFusion, Fusebox, Mach-II, Model-Glue, ColdSpring, Reactor, Object-Oriented Programming, and programming best-practices.
Hansjoerg Posch writes about ColdFusion and related technologies.
Weekly talks from CFUNITED speakers hosted by Christian Ready. (Not currently active.)
Charlie Arehart's Blog
From web app developer and evangelist, Charlie Arehart.
ColdFusion Muse
Mark Kruger's Daily Musings on ColdFusion.
A ColdFusion blog aggregator. Aggregates over 600 blogs, offering OPML download, feeds, and statistics.
Cutter's Crossing
Weblog from Steve "Cutter" Blades.
Dave Shuck
Co-creator of InstantSpot.
Greg Nilsen
Greg discusses Coldfusion, music, and life.
John Beynon's Personal Blog
Discusses web technologies, mostly ColdFusion and Ruby on Rails along with some other tech talk thrown in for good measure.
John Wilker
Weblog from Adobe ColdFusion and Flex application developer in Colorado.
Kinky Solutions : A Student's Perspective by Ben Nadel
The play ground of ColdFusion web applications developer Ben Nadel.
Luis Majanos's Coldfusion and Java Blog
A blog about ColdFusion, Java, Linux and technology.
Marcos Placona Blog
Technology blog includes tips and tricks on web development and usability. Site provides articles on Adobe, ColdFusion, Java, Flash, Flex, jQuery, JavaScript, Python and Apache. iPhones, iPods and video games also covered
Matt Woodward
Washington D.C. Coldfusion, Flex and Java web application developer.
Michael Imhoff - Omnicypher
Freelance consultant covers ColdFusion as well as Flash, databases, Flex, and other technologies.
Neil Smith
A blog dedicated to Adobe technologies and web development, including ColdFusion, Flex and Flash. Also covers JQuery and general web design and development.
Nialls Blog
Niall O'Doherty, a ColdFusion Web Applications Developer in Derry, Northern Ireland.
Nic Tunney
Developer's weblog on ColdFusion and other Adobe technologies, like LiveCycle.
Raymond Camden's ColdFusion Blog
Popular ColdFusion developer and author of BlogCFC, CFLib, and other applications.
Remote Synthesis
Brian Rinaldi resume and weblog. ColdFusion development resources.
Russ and Coldfusion
A personal weblog about developing in ColdFusion.
Sammy Larbi - My Secret Life as a Spaghetti Coder
Discusses ColdFusion and Object-Oriented design principles.
Scattered Thoughts
Developer shares information on ColdFusion and personal observations.
ColdFusion Programmer's blog that includes CF_BlogPicks, featuring the best CFML blog posts of the week.
Weblog of Peter Farrell. Also offers downloadable tools for general ColdFusion use as well as Mach-II.
Simon Whatley
The personal blog of Simon Whatley; Adobe ColdFusion Certified Instructor.
Steven Erat - TalkingTree.com
ColdFusion Quality Assurance Engineer at Adobe Systems. Discusses ColdFusion as well as related technologies and photography.
Yacoblog: ColdFusion Web Development
Jake Munson's weblog covering ColdFusion and other Information Technology topics.
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