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Computers/Programming/FAQs, Help, and Tutorials is a category meant for websites that have non-specific content about programming OR content that spans multiple programming languages. The content of these websites is help/tutorial oriented, as one could guess from the category title. If you are looking for a website specifically focused on help for one programming language, see the FAQs, Help, and Tutorial section under that language. A list of languages can be found under Computers/Programming/Languages. Please see the category FAQ at Computers/Programming/FAQs,_Help,_and_Tutorials/faq.html for more information.

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Academic Tutorials
Tutorials on a wide range of programming languages and subjects. Also offers quizzes corresponding to the material in the tutorials.
Tutorials and code samples available on many popular languages.
The American Programmer: Programming Manuals and Tutorials
Links to manuals and tutorials for a variety of primarily mainframe languages including REXX, SQL, COBOL, JCL, TSO, ISPF, CICS, and Unix.
CodingUnit Programming Tutorials
Tutorials on the programming languages C and C++ and APIs DirectX and OpenGL. Also covers common sorting algorithms.
.Net, C#,, and general advice for programmers.
Dr. Olek's Course Notes
Course notes and sample programs for network programming in C++ and STL, Java, Perl, and PHP.
Elements of Programming Style
Notes that provide standards for internal program documentation and style.
Geekpedia: Programming Tutorials
Covers many programming languages including C++, C#, PHP, and Java.
Herong's Notes on Programming
Collection of notes and tutorials on several programming languages, including Java, C#, ASP, JSP, JDK, XML, XHTML, and Unicode. Includes alternate PDF and Chinese language versions.
The Object Oriented Programming Web
Directory of programming and computer science tutorials. A fast and easy to use programmer's reference.
Tutorials covering ranging from beginner to advanced levels with forums for extra support if needed while researching.
OS Config
Links to freely available programming tutorials for C, C++, Visual Basic as well to software drivers for BeOS, Linux, Windows 95/98/NT/2000, and fonts.
Simple OpenH323 Tutorial
Uses a simple H.323 application to explain several PWLib- and OpenH323-related programming techniques.
Tabs versus Spaces
Using tabs in source code: Pro and contra, by Jamie Zawinski.
Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years
Peter Norvig, the Director of Research at Google, suggests ways to develop programming ability and expertise. Includes recommendations for a first programming language.
The Ultimate Programming Tutorials Site
Tutorials of C/C++, Java, Perl, Posix, Unix, Linux, PThreads, Visual Basic, Delphi, APL, Javascript, and SQL.
Wikipedia: Programming Style
Encyclopedia article. Tutorial on general styling rules and conventions. Has a list of style guides for specific languages.
Six Ways to Write More Comprehensible Code
Article from Jeff Vogel, the president of Spiderweb Software, that uses a hypothetical computer game called Kill Bad Aliens as an example case for how to write clear, maintainable code. (May 29, 2007)

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