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Atwood, Jeff - Coding Horror
.NET programming from a human factors perspective: thoughts on software usability and effective team development.
Bartoll, Mathias
Applications using ASP.NET and Web Services written in C#. Also COM and Java applications, articles, photo gallery, music.
Brown, Martin G.
A log of issues faced by a .Net contractor, and the resolutions he used. There is a mixture of C# and VB.Net. It also contains items seen by the author as interesting to .Net developers.
Cook Computing
Developer weblog mainly focused on .NET and XML-RPC.
Tips and techniques for .NET development mixed in with news and computer industry opinion.
Kumar, Sasi - iSAS.net
Weblog on all technical articles: .NET, C#, ASP.NET, web services, application architecture.
Lee Dale's Blog on .Net
Personal webpages of Microsoft Certified Professional in the .Net framework and SharePoint 2007.
McTeer, Andrew - Bitporters.net
Weblog, portfolio and on going .NET projects.
The Moth
Developer at Microsoft Working on .NET
Nick Berardi’s Coder Journal
Talks about .NET and C# and some of the human factors that come along with developing a website.
Philosophical Geek
Discussions about .Net, C#, Cpp, code in general, design, and occasional deep thinking about what it all means
Programming Materials
.NET student's personal weblog. ASP.NET, C# (C Sharp), Remoting and Web services.
Reddi, Kumar - A .NET Student
.NET student's personal blog. ASP.NET, C# (C Sharp), Remoting and Web services.
Reflog's Random Thoughts
Author's place to dump thoughts about coding and life. Mostly things about ongoing projects and ideas, Perl, C#.
Scott Hanselman's ComputerZen.com
Scott works for Microsoft as a Principal Program Manager and blogs on design patterns, software architecture, and development aiming to spread information about developing software, usually on the Microsoft stack.
ScottGu's Blog
Scott Guthrie works for Microsoft as the Product Manager of the .NET Framework
Steve Sanderson's blog
Techniques and tools for ASP.NET/SQL web development.
Tuprikov, Artyom A.
Resume, portfolio. Current and completed projects with C# sources: data analysis structures and algorithms, computer graphics.
Zobrist, Nathan
Resume, articles. Photo album, recipe book.
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