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The compilation of a program from an object/source language to linkable or executable target code is generally accompanied by transformation processes. The generic tools or components of environments which accomplish this phased restructuring as a semantic aspect of program generation or for the sake of program optimization, are included in this subcategory.

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CCured source-to-source C translator
CCured is a source-to-source translator for C. It analyzes the C program to determine the smallest number of run-time checks that must be inserted in the program to prevent all memory safety violations. The resulting program is memory safe, meaning that it will stop rather than overrun a buffer or scribble over memory that it shouldn't touch.
DMS Software Reengineering Toolkit
Generalized compiler technology for custom parsing, analyzing, transforming, and prettyprinting computer languages, including C, C++, COBOL, Ada, Java, C#, SQL. Tasks range from metrics to migrations. [Commercial]
The Dynamo Project
Compiler architecture dynamically optimizes stand-alone programs via staged compiling. Uses run-time values and invariants to improve code as it executes, yielding performance superior to statically optimal code.
IvmaiAsn ASN1/ECN/XDR Tools
A collection of the ASN.1/ECN parser, XDR-to-ASN.1 converter and pretty-printer scripts for ASN.1/ECN specifications. Contains also a formal definition of the ASN.1 built-in types, ECN encoding classes and XDR encoding rules.
ooc programming language
Reference implementation of the ooc language, a higher-level Java/C#, strictly typed, portable, object-oriented superset of C and generating pure C99 code for speed and size.
Orio Autotuning Framework
Orio is a performance autotuning tool that takes user input as annotations in C/C++ or Fortran code to produce low-level Performance optimizations on a specified code fragment. The tool generates many tuned versions of the same operation using different optimization parameters and performs an empirical search for selecting the best performing implementation among multiple optimized code variants.
Solid Optimizer Project
The project SolidOpt provides tools to facilitate the construction of optimization modules. SolidOpt base also provides an environment through which to load optimization modules to control the resources used in the computer system. Different representations of the target application facilitate the implementation of optimization methods. SolidOpt can be used as a compiler optimization using available optimization methods and representations, providing a decompiler if the source code of the target application is not available.
Spoon: Program Processing, Analysis, and Transformation in Java
Spoon is a Java program processor that fully supports Java 5. It provides a complete and fine-grained Java metamodel where any program element (classes, methods, fields, statements, expressions...) can be accessed both for reading and modification.
A modular language for the specification of fully automatic program transformation systems based on the paradigm of rewriting strategies. Free software.
A Pattern matching transformation system.
An "integrated compilation and performance monitoring infrastructure", facilitating compiler-optimization research and involves a collaborative effort by Hewlett Packard, University of Illinois and New York University.
TXL Source Transformation System
Rule-based structural transformation is utilized as a paradigm for rapid generation of complex programs.
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