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In the Beginning was the Command Line
A history of operating systems, by Neal Stephenson, the author of such novels as 'Snow Crash', 'The Diamond Age' and 'Zodiac'.
Collaborative Source Software
This article presents an approach to combine the best of the Open Source and proprietary software development worlds.
Development, Ethical Trading and Free Software
This paper makes the political and ethical case for the adoption of free software by Community Aid Abroad and other members of Oxfam International.
First Monday: Open Source Intelligence
Scientific illustration and analysis of socio-technical approaches that make up a collaborative phenomenon termed Open Source Intelligence, which goes beyond the collaborative coding of software.
Free Source as Free Thought: Architecting Free Standards
This paper calls for the support of open standards and non-proprietary software in civil activities, such as public education, taxes, and patent and grant proposals.
A Legal Issues Primer for Open Source and Free Software Projects
The Software Freedom Law Center's introduction to the legal issues surrounding the use of FOSS.
Making it in a Post Windows World
The process transitioning from a Windows to a Linux desktop computer, step by step setup instructions for a dialup account, and VNC.
Monochrom: Some Code To Die For
On the Birth of the Free Software Movement in 1887. The author compares new code to the constructed language Esperanto.
Open Source Software and Documents - A Literature and Resource Review
Brief introduction to the Open Source movement, provides a review of books, sites, and topics.
Open-Source Software Development, by Kim Johnson
Explains the competing open source philosophies and development models, with examples of popular open source projects such as Linux, Apache, KDE and Python. Open Source Definition
A definition of the Open Source license for software.
A Response to Nikolai Bezroukov
Eric Raymond's response to Bezroukov's "Open Source Software Development as a Special Type of Academic Research"
A Second Look at the Cathedral and Bazaar
Another critical review of Eric Raymond's "The Cathedral and the Bazaar."
The Wall Street Performer Protocol
This paper sketches out a proposal for the creation of a software completion bond market as a practical implementation of the Street Performer Protocol for the funding of open source software.
Why 'Free Software' is Better Than 'Open Source'
An essay from the Free Software Foundation arguing that the term "free software" is a better choice than the term "open source".
Wikipedia - Open Source
Long article with examples.
The Register: Open Source is Good for America - US Military Advised
Andrew Orlowski discusses a report commissioned by the US military about open source and free software. (October 29, 2002)
OReilly - Working Without Copyleft
Article argues against the necessity of the Free Software movement tenet of copyleft. (December 19, 2001)
Forbes: Letting go of Lego
"Hackers crack the code of a new chip and post the design secrets on the Web. The chip's maker, instead of suing, holds fire. What gives?" (August 09, 1999)

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