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Leading technology media property, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news.
Blog tracking other technology blogs.
Ashley Bowers Blog
Opinions on technology, computer platforms, browsers, blogging, and syndication.
Technology and internet news with a partial focus on health care applications.
Derek Hatchard Blogs On
Weblog on various aspects of technology.
Technology news with a personal computing focus.
E-Musings On Web Stuff
Focuses on free software, including Mozilla products, download managers, and various Google services.
Reviews of hardware and software, as well as historic technology and hands-on tutorials.
Geek Extreme
News, reviews, and other stuff geeks or wanna-be geeks can use.
Technology news, trends and analysis covering mobile, big data, cloud, science, energy and media.
Hardware 2.0
ZDNet weblog on a personal computing and related products.
John Lamansky
A weblog by a teenage computer geek offering technology-related reviews, news, and tips.
Reviewing gadgets and electronic toys, including computer peripherals and media devices.
Lynne's Take on Tech
Silicon Valley media and technology commentary by Lynne Jolitz, writer for Byte and co-creator of 386BSD.
The Old New Thing
Weblog on technical nitty-gritty, with a Microsoft focus.
On Computers Tips
Tips for a broad range of computing technologies. Affiliated with a radio show.
Peter O'Kelly's Reality Check
Science and technology linkblog, with a focus on enterprise software.
Pogue's Posts
Blog by the NYTimes technology columnist.
Politics and Law
CNet blog on the intersection of information technology with (primarily US) politics and law.
Quick Online Tips
Technology news, blogging tips, useful computer software and web services.
Read/ Write
Tech news site. Founded in 2003, by Richard MacManus, as ReadWriteWeb.
Weblog on search, technology and media from Rocky Agrawal.
Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends
This site talks about science, and about computing and technology news and trends. It also tries to discover how these new technologies are modifying our way of life.
Sadagopan's Weblog
Indian blogger's thoughts on emerging technologies and trends in both enterprise IT and the cyberworld.
Sean McGrath's Blog
Blog of Sean McGrath, CTO, Propylon.
Space Ninja
Scott Vandehey, web producer. Posts on a variety of topics ranging from web development to video games and movies.
Tech Shout
Showcases the latest tech news, reviews, and downloads, with coverage of entertainment, gadgets, gaming, hardware, Internet, wireless technology, and mobile phones.
A technology blog with Dwight Silverman and Jim Thompson from the Houston Chronicle.
Weblog about technology used in daily life.
Techno Freak
Gadgets, hardware, software, and mobile technology.
Ka Edong writes about technology from the Philippines.
Technology Evangelist
Offers news and opinion on emerging technology trends in hardware, software, webware, and web marketing.
TechWhack News
News from the IT world, on everything from peer-to-peer technologies to search engine news. With an Asian focus.
Daniela Barbosa on technical and business issues in information delivery. Partial focus on automatic tagging and metadata.

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