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Mad Rhino Productions
Corporate interactive solutions including website design, streaming media and motion graphics.
Magicgate Software
Provide CD authoring, kiosk development, CD duplication/replication, custom software development, web design, and hosting. Also run two podcasts, one on Director, the other on kiosks. Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States.
Magritte's Cow
Interactive content and technologies for the web.
Maine Digital Imaging
3D animation, motion graphics, multimedia and video production.
Mallee Bull Media
Multimedia and computer based training developer for online or CD-ROM applications.
Offer services in video production, motion graphics, digital signage, web design and new media. Based in Leicester, England, United Kingdom.
Offers services in identity design, information design, marketing, print and packaging, sound design, web and interactive design. Located in San Francisco, California, United States.
Maritime New Media
Interactive multimedia production for Web, CD-ROM and kiosks. Experts at Flash, Director, QTVR, Quicktime, PHP and mySQL.
Mass Transmit
Offers web sites development, email marketing campaigns, online advertising, multimedia presentations, CD-ROM's and interactive games production.
Matecumbe Multimedia
Interactive web site design, CD-ROM production, digital video editing, Flash animation, graphic design and QuickTime authoring.
Offer web development, audio production, CD/DVD replication, IT consulting, e-commerce, e-learning, animation, Director programming, and graphic design. Based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
McNee Productions, Inc
Video taping facility that includes animated logos and special effects.
Media Architects Advertising and Design
Full-service advertising agency and multi-media design firm that specializes in developing marketing and advertising tools.
Media Hut Multimedia
Offer CD/DVD authoring, sound, video production, web design, and duplication services. Located in the East Midlands, England, United Kingdom.
Media Matrix
E-business meetings, multimedia development, videotape production and print material.
Media Post Inc.
CD/DVD authoring, web design, video production, 2D/3D animation, and duplication services. Based in Zelienople, Pennsylvania, United States.
Media Tech
CD/DVD authoring, web design, and video production. Based in Englewood, Colorado, United States.
Provide web application development, CD/DVD authoring, kiosk development, and programming, specialising in Macromedia Director. Located in the Greater Atlanta area, Georgia, United States.
MediaPulse Technologies
Provides services in presentation development, CD authoring, 2D / 3D animation, Flash, broadcast video development, voice-overs, web design, programming, hosting, and print design. Located in Bangalore, India.
Mediaspec UK
Computer based systems for the music, broadcast and film industries within the UK.
Melted Media
CD authoring, web design, hosting, database development, 3D modelling and animation. Based in Macclesfield, England, United Kingdom.
Multimedia and internet business applications geared for companies in Israel and abroad.
MGI Communications
Web, multimedia, design and powerpoint.
Midnite Hour
Multimedia services including web design, sites, business and online systems and post development consulting.
Mighty Media UK
CD/DVD authoring, web design, and video production. Based in Bourne End, England, United Kingdom.
Specialises in web design, graphic design and illustration services for small businesses and sole traders. Based in Devon, UK.
Web hosting, design and development, print media and programming.
MLT Group
Multimedia web design, hosting and video production agency.
Services include web design, video and special effects, audio editing and sound effects, CD authoring, and consulting. Located in Vernon, New Jersey, United States.
Modstar Productions Inc.
Web site design, Flash, CD-ROMs, interactive kiosks and e-commerce.
Moneda Multimedia
Custom web applications, CBTs, kiosks, training systems Flash, Director, Toolbook, HTML, audio, video production and interactive music CDs.
Montani Media
Every style of art, web and music is available.
Morpheus Studios
Web design and hosting, 3D animation/illustration, and print design. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
MossWarner Communications, Inc.
An agency offering interactive multi-media presentations, electronic brochures and catalogs, intra-, extra-, and internet sites, sales program support, trade show support and training materials.
Moving Pictures
Provides turnkey and a la carte production, post and duplication services for corporate and broadcast television, commercials, theatrical film, interactive multimedia and software.
Multimedia Creative
Specialises in multimedia, 3D, animation, web design and graphic design services for CD, DVD, hard drive or print. Based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Multimedia Solutions Inc.
Dedicated to incorporating the latest multimedia technologies into their products and services.
Services include CD authoring, web design, video and audio production, editing and compression, animation, and graphic design. Located in Conesville, Ohio, United States.
Offer services in e-commerce, online learning, multimedia, 3D visualisation and custom programming. Based in Sydney, Australia.
MuseArts, Inc.
Digital studio specializing in web-based animation, databases, interactivity, design and multimedia.
Mythic Wave Productions
Offer software development, CD authoring, web design, e-commerce site development, programming, kiosk and presentations, sound and music production, and graphic design. Based in Chatsworth, California, United States.
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