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Resources, searchable links, downloads, updates, classified ads, mailing-list, and articles about making music with your Macintosh.
A natural video compression system that is compliant with MPEG-4v3.
Apple - GarageBand
Perform, record and create music from virtual instruments and pre-recorded loops.
Apple - iTunes
Audio player with multiple playlist functions, native burn support, visual effects, and file conversion.
Apple Quicktime
Apple's free media player supporting innumerable audio and video formats. The pro version includes an abundance of media authoring capabilities.
Ask the DJ
MP3 player and DJ/mix engine with beats analysis.
VOX program audio recorder. Can set volume sound must reach to begin recording and volume at which it should stop.
Bitcartel Software
Developers of iRecordMusic and RadioLover, utilities to record audio streams to AAC and MP3.
Digital audio editor for OS X. Supports many different file formats and multi-track editing.
CMN Common Music Notation
Free western music notation package written in Common Lisp.
Rhythm sequencer, sampler, synthesizer.
Professional sound editor.
Replacement open-source driver that allows a PowerBook or iBook trackpad to be used as a 3-axis MIDI control surface.
fLOW Ambient Sound
Generates a changing soundscape in realtime suggestive of timbres of water, fire, earth, and air. Freeware for Mac G3.
Creators of BFD drum library module, DR-008 drum sampler, as well as VST to RTAS, VST to Rewire, and VST to AU plug-in adaptors.
The GarageDoor
Tips and suggestions for Apple's GarageBand. Covers live and MIDI recordings, effects, mixing, mastering and links to free loops.
Girl Audio Loop Mixing Software
MIDI-enabled audio loop mixing instrument.
Software for editing and listening to Gregorian Chant.
iPod Free File Sync
Utility for Mac OS 9 which allows synchronization of music from different iPods or any other source to computer.
Lexikon Sonate
Generates piano music in realtime, can also be used as a meta-instrument for improvising complex piano music.
Music Notation software for Macintosh. Also available for Win32. (CERL Sound Group)
Macintosh Music Software Site
Many freeware and shareware applications available for download.
MacWaveMaker Users Group
MacWaveMaker is a nubus card midi synthesizer for Macintosh. Claims every MacWaveMaker thing may be found here.
Max Magic Microtuner
Microtonal scale editor.
Microsoft Media Player 7.1
Support among others Microsoft MPEG-4 (version 2.0 and 3.0)and the ISO MPEG-4 video (version 1.0) video codecs.
Develops applications for Mac OS X, particularly software that converts MP3 songs to AAC format. Includes support and downloads.
Red Barn Goat Farm
Li'l Miss' Scale Oven (LMSO), an ethnic and microtonal scale editor/synth retuner. Also DSP holophonics plug-ins.
RhapsOGL visual effects
RhapsOGLApp X visual effects generator for MacOSX - This is a visual plug-in for SoundJam MP and MACAST
Rocket Science
Bundle of real-time plugins for Mark of the Unicorn's Digital Performer and Audio Desk.
Sagan Technology Metro
Sequencer with MIDI, audio, and video functionalities. Includes support for CoreAudio, CoreMIDI, Audio Units, Music Devices, Music Effects, VST, and Premiere.
Batch audio converter supporting innumerable sample-based and note-based file formats
Shareware sound processing program does various conversions including sample rate, changes file headers, plays headerless files.
Audio file management system for Digital Audio workstation networks having a Mac attached.
Syd - Software Synthesizer
A software synthesizer for Mac and Windows. Similar to CSound in capabilities, but easier to use.
Freeware application uses Granular Synthesis to produce very diverse sounds based on a user provided sound file.
Search the iTunes Music Store daily for your favorite artists and send you an e-mail when there are new songs by those artists.
U and I Software
Developers of MetaSynth, a composition and sound design program using a strictly visual interface, with customizable tunings and image synthesis.
USB Audio software for Macintosh.
Freeware application enabling adding and deleting music from the device. Includes software news, development information, and downloads.
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