This category contains news releases and articles relating to the dealings of, particularly the many lawsuits filed against them by recording companies. cozies up to big labels
The Internet music provider will market an up-and-coming band for EMI Recorded Music as it seeks to become a promotional vehicle for the big record labels. [] (April 24, 2001) halts free artist-royalty program
Another free ride is coming to an end for Web music, only this time it's the musicians who stand to lose out. [] (March 16, 2001) tunes up online music plan
With its ear attuned to the sound of money, digital music giant on Thursday unveiled a new initiative to harmonize retailers, labels, music players, and hardware and software tools. [] (January 04, 2001) spins unknown artists into Muzak
As moves into the ambient music scene, a battle is raised between new and old media: MP3 vs. Muzak. [] (December 26, 2000) inks video deal with Warner Music
Online music company said Thursday that it has entered a video and audio licensing agreement with Warner Music Group, the record label owned by Time Warner. [] (December 21, 2000)
EMusic adds voice to chorus of copyright suits
Online music company EMusic, along with several independent record labels, became the latest to file copyright lawsuits alleging that infringed its copyrights. [] (December 19, 2000) moves into Muzak
While shopping for cat food and dog leashes, customers of Petco Animal Supplies will get an earful of in-store music as part of a deal between the company and [] (December 19, 2000) reopens service for free, and for fee on Tuesday relaunched its controversial music-streaming service,, in two forms--one paid, the other free--as the company attempts to emerge from its legal entanglements. [] (December 05, 2000)
Bowie joins amid legal uncertainty inked a licensing deal Monday with David Bowie for the right to stream his music catalog over the Web, tying up a legal loose end stemming from its embattled online music locker service. [] (November 27, 2000) faces new suit after settling with record labels
Internet music company Thursday was slapped with another lawsuit, coming just two days after ending its costly legal battle with the major record labels. [] (November 16, 2000) pays $53.4 million to end copyright suit agreed Tuesday to pay $53.4 million to end its copyright infringement suit with Seagram's Universal Music Group in a deal approved by a federal judge just minutes before a scheduled trial to assess damages in the case. [] (November 14, 2000) trial postponed for one day is scheduled to face trial Tuesday to determine how many of Universal Music Group's albums the start-up improperly copied for use in its ill-fated online music storage-locker service. [] (November 13, 2000) aims for wireless devices is launching a new service Monday that will allow music lovers to instantly link downloaded song collections to their wireless devices. [] (November 05, 2000) puts judge in director's chair
Online music company has grabbed a powerful ally to serve on its board of directors: former California Courts of Appeal Justice Howard Wiener. [] (October 31, 2000), music publishers sound out licensing deal
Web music service on Wednesday agreed to a preliminary three-year, $30 million licensing agreement with the National Music Publishers' Association's subsidiary, The Harry Fox Agency. [] (October 18, 2000)
Lawmakers want to legalize service
Several U.S. congressmen have introduced new legislation that would legalize the services for which faces potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in copyright damages. [] (September 26, 2000)
MP3 chief: Company will prevail despite legal storm
Despite his company's mounting legal troubles, the embattled chief executive of today vowed to fight on. [] (September 12, 2000)
Time for to pay the piper
A federal judge ruled willfully infringed the copyrights of Seagram's Universal Music Group, opening the company to enormous potential damages in one of the first trials to address the legal boundaries of Internet music distribution. [] (September 09, 2000)
Ruling against could cost $118 million
A federal judge today found that willfully infringed the copyrights of Seagram's Universal Music Group, opening the company to enormous potential damages in one of the first trials to address the legal boundaries of Internet music distribution. [] (September 06, 2000) puts radio songs in your in-box
The company today unveiled a service that will email Net music fans radio-edited songs. [] (August 31, 2000) legal strategy faces skeptical judge
Lawyers for tried and failed to turn the tables on Seagram's Universal Music Group in court today, countering charges of copyright infringement with accusations of anti-competitive tactics by the record label. [] (August 30, 2000), Universal choose court over settlement chief executive Michael Robertson took the witness stand today to defend his company against charges of willfully violating record label copyrights to profit from a novel Internet music service. [] (August 28, 2000)
Time running out for settlement
A legal hourglass is draining to the end for, which will face trial for potentially huge copyright-infringement damages next week if it can't strike a deal with one remaining record company. [] (August 25, 2000), Sony settle copyright suit
Net music site has settled a copyright infringement lawsuit with Sony Music Entertainment, sparking a rally in its stock price. [] (August 22, 2000), EMI settle lawsuit with licensing deal has settled a copyright infringement suit with a unit of EMI Group, allowing the online music company to resume distribution of songs owned by the record label. [] (July 28, 2000), Dell hear the music
The online music company turns to technology services, while the PC maker unveils an MP3 player. [] (June 21, 2000) Settles Copyright Dispute with Warner, BMG today settled a copyright infringement lawsuit with Time Warner and BMG Entertainment. [] (June 09, 2000)'s move to copy CDs stirs debate
When first came on the scene, there was a photo on its Web site that industry insiders say may be a fitting icon for the rebel Net music company: Billy Idol giving the recording industry the finger. [] (January 28, 2000)
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