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MP3 player for karaoke to hit the market
A Motorola spinoff on Tuesday unveiled an MP3 player that lets you become a lead singer. [] (January 02, 2001)
Open-source MP3 project continues after parent's demise
Open-source software developers hoping to create a free replacement for the MP3 technology are pushing ahead with their project after the collapse of their parent, Webcasting start-up iCast. [] (December 11, 2000)
The Beastie Boys tone down their early MP3 enthusiasm
In 1998, The Beastie Boys posted digital recordings on their Web site and gained instant credibility as leaders in the online music revolution. [] (November 06, 2000)
Sprint PCS unveils wireless MP3 ambitions
Sprint PCS is launching a new online MP3 service linked with its mobile phones Wednesday, with an eye toward capturing a large share of a market coveted by companies ranging from Time Warner to [] (October 31, 2000)
MP3 player puts new spin on tape decks
Although the tape deck is near the end of its life, an MP3 player just hitting the market aims to give the venerable device a new purpose. [] (October 30, 2000)
TI aims new chip at MP3 players
Texas Instruments today announced its first chip designed specifically for digital music players, at the same time acknowledging that industrywide shipments of MP3 players will fall below predictions again this year. [] (October 02, 2000)
Getting Music Online: The MP3 Shake-Up
Websites like and have turned the music industry on its ear over the past year. [The-Surfs-Up] (October 01, 2000)
Iomega to ship HipZip MP3 player
Iomega today unveiled its first MP3 player, as the struggling storage maker latches onto one of the hot technologies of the moment. [] (September 21, 2000)
Student's PC seized after record industry complaint
Campus police confiscated an Oklahoma State University student's computer after the RIAA notified the school that a person on campus was allegedly distributing copyrighted material including MP3s and full-length movies. [] (September 15, 2000)
MP3Cafe shutdown spotlights music-swapping fears
One of the most popular meeting spots for trading MP3 songs and information on the underground Internet Relay Chat network has closed its virtual doors. [] (August 31, 2000)
MP3Board sues AOL, Time Warner over Gnutella, the small MP3 search site being sued by the record industry, has a new strategy: blame America Online. [] (August 21, 2000)
AOL's message in a copyright battle
Despite recent moves to stay out of copyright disputes, America Online has become embroiled in the controversy surrounding MP3 files and Napster. [] (August 12, 2000)
MP3 maker unleashes 6GB player
Creative Technology today launched its much-anticipated Nomad Jukebox, an MP3 player capable of storing up to six gigabytes of audio from file formats such as WAV and MP3. [] (July 31, 2000)
Dell partners with S3 on MP3 players
Dell will unveil an MP3 home stereo component, this week. [] (June 20, 2000)
Programmers prepare new, free MP3 format
A group of open-source developers has created a new music format they say will be free and will equal or better MP3s quality. [] (June 16, 2000)
MP3-Board in Music-Linking Dispute with Record Industry fired a legal shot over recording industry to preserve its ability to guide Web surfers to online music files, legal and illegal. [] (June 06, 2000)
MP3s are Wireless Phone Companies' Next Goal
In wireless phones, the next killer application may have more to do with music than with conversation. [] (June 02, 2000)
New Devices Boost MP3 Use at Home
New products have been released that may expand the popularity of digital music beyond portable devices and desktop PCs. [] (May 24, 2000)
S3 Hears Sweet Music with MP3 Plans
Consumers can soon expect to see MP3 music players integrated into cell phones, handheld organizers and other appliances says S3. [] (April 18, 2000)
MP3: Sound and fury
Special report focusing on MP3 files, the music business, and the regulation of online copyrighted music. [] (April 27, 1999)
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