Resources is usually defined here as anything which may be useful for people developing in Flash. This may include (but is not limited to) tutorials, tips & hints, forums, graphics or sound downloads, external software, and news.

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Flash Developer Center
Official resource with articles about all aspects of Flash, including programming and technical issues.
About Flash
Directory of flash tutorials, sounds, open FLAs, SWFs, clip art, free movie clips, and showcases of cool flash sites.
Macromedia Flash Resources and Tutorials as well as a large online community for Macromedia Flash developers at all skill levels. Offers tutorials, open source, scripting assistance, book reviews, scene news and a means of contact between developers.
Actionscript downloads, reviews, news and blogs.
Adobe Flash Support Center
Collection of tutorials, tips and forums, from the developers of Flash, Macromedia.
Best Flash Intro Templates
Download flash templates in FLA format.
Bobby van der Sluis
Personal news blog with Flash information and resources.
Showing concepts in interaction design, and experiments. Includes FLA files for download. - Flash Help
Flash tutorials and other Flash resources.
Flash Goddess
A resource and community site showcasing and promoting women who work with Macromedia Flash. Requires Flash.
A FAQ about using XML with Flash. The FAQ was created as a result of the common questions being asked on the FlashKit XML Board.
FAQs, gallery and explanation on different aspects of Flash.
Flash tutorials on leading edge design.
Flashguru (UK)
Frequently updated Flash news and tutorials
Open source FLA samples including; games, tutorials, newsletters, images, clip art, sound FX and loops, reviews, and bloated forums.
The place to get reviews and information on Flash and other Vector based products. This free subscriber e-zine features; interviews with leading Flash developers, news reports, and upcoming events in the Flash scene. History of Flash is a 'must read'.
Portal and web-based ezine covering the web's coolest Flash content. Looks at Flash, Live Motion and SVG content on the web.
Graphic ideas and several movies ready to download.
An online Flash resource that provides useful tutorials, links, downloads, and support for all levels of Flashers.
Offers open source file with advanced actionscript
LiveTronix Software
Offers tools for convert other media types to Flash and vice-versa, with information about the products, company profile and resources.
The author's and lecturer's own site for undocumented features of Flash, browser detection scripts, and other useful tidbits.
My Flash Resource
A collection of tutorials, thoughts and interests of a Flash Animator and Developer.
"The Problems of the Future, Today!" ~ A human rated submission Portal ~ testing ground for ethically borderline Flash games and movies.
Flash portal and community site allowing work to be submitted for exposure. Includes news, forum and chat areas.
Pope de Flash
Flash Resources and Tutorials. The Pope has step by step tutorials, helpful messageboards, FLA and PDF downloads.
Mario Klingemann's weblog features news from the Flash community, experiments and solutions to complex Actionscript problems.
Thermal Effects
Sources for special Animated FX. A visual site enhancement. Hundreds of effects to incorporate.
Tutorials for Macromedia Flash movies and Actionscript.

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