These sites will help you to learn how to use Adobe's Flash creation software. Flash is a tool used to give web sites dynamic content such as animation and sound.

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Adobe Flash Resources
Adobe's own site on learning how to use their Flash products.
Action Tad
Contains a brief history of ActionScript and sections on the syntax and use of ActionScript 3.0. Also has examples of how to use pure ActionScript 3.0 to make Flash files.
Andrew Odri
Flash and Dreamweaver blog.
Free Flash files and tutorials. Lesson covers animation, drawing cartoons, creating cool buttons, and text design. Free files posted weekly.
CBT Cafe - Flash Tutorials
Flash tutorials in both HTML and QuickTime Video formats.
Complete Idiot's Guide to Flash Tutorials
Collection of Macromedia Flash tutorials.
Flash Magazine: Tutorials
Tutorials about Flash, ActionScript, associated technologies and Flash plug-ins.
Offering tutorials, open source, custom Flash development, books, games, news, Flash applications and means of contact between developers.
Free Adobe Flash Tutorials
A site that offers basic video instructions for Flash. Learn the basics, animation, ActionScript, and publishing step-by-step.
Freelance Flash Games News
Blog about the design, development, and monetization of Flash games. Offers tutorials, guides, and advice on the Flash game industry.
Offers tutorials, tips, resources and guides for Adobe Flash, ActionScript and other programming languages.
Geoff Hill: Flash and ActionScript Tutorials
Tutorials for beginners and intermediates, with the focus on game development.
Tutorials for Flash game development using ActionScript 3.0. Mostly aimed at beginners; includes one large tutorial for learning from scratch. - Flash
News, tutorials, experiments, source files, games and cartoons for Flash designers and developers. Includes information about programming fundamentals, motion code, multi-user applications, server connectivity, interface widgets, and a Flash detection scheme.
Round World Media
This self-paced Macromedia Flash 5 tutorial uses animation and narration to guide you: on one side of the screen you watch the tutorial, while other side, you work in Flash.
Salekede's Blog
Includes tips, tricks and a selection of original tutorials about Flash.
SmartWebby's Guide to Flash 'n' ASP Unleashed
Learn integrating Flash and ASP. This guide teaches, challenges and initiates you into trying to build products by yourself.

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