Services that provide free website counters and trackers either with or without ads.
24 Counter
Free widget for tracking visitors' geographical locations.
Free counters and web statistics plus webmasters tools.
AFS Analytics
Free real time statistics for websites and blogs.
Amazing Counters
Offers over 350 styles of free hit counters, free web site statistics, and many other options. Simple copy and paste installation.
Boing Dragon's Lair
Offers counters featuring animated images to catch the eye.
The Christian Counter
Free web page hit counter for Christian webmasters. Track statistics, individual pages, groups of pages, or track the whole site. Check up to date statistics anytime.
Count My Page
Free website counter with real-time statistics.
Free web counter service with more than 800 styles. No registration required.
Free real time visitor counter with country flags for websites and blogs.
Free visitor counter that contains no ads. There are no limits on counters or visitors.
CQ Counter
Free web counter and site access tracker that offers many detailed statistics and reports.
eXTReMe Tracking
Non-public statistics and multiple page tracking are also available.
The world's first counter to admit that its data is faked. A free service.
Fast Web Counter
Easy to use web counter.
A unique counter service that totals visitors from each country with colorful flags. Also offers detailed back-end statistics.
Free Counter
Robust graphical counters for your Web Page with fun graphics, we even have an animated Bart Simpson counter with new designs on the way.
Free Hit Counter
Lets you easily ad a free hit counter to a website. One simple line of html code will work on unlimited pages, unlimited websites.
Free Stats
Website traffic, marketing, path and visitor profile reporting and tracking.
Free Stats Counter
Free website hit counter. Over 150 styles to choose from.
Free Users Online
Free users online tracking. No registration necessary.
Free web counters in over 150 different styles.
Get Free Stat
Free website counter. Provides detailed statistics.
Loony Counter
Offering free invisible hit counters with website statistics including referrers and search keywords.
MR-Hosting Counter Service
Free hit counter and web site statistics service, plenty of styles to choose from.
My Web Stats
Free hit counter and statistics component with customizable graphics and an invisible counter option.
Online Web Stats
Free real-time web statistics provider.
A fast web counter that can be used on homepages. Offers instant setup and is free of charge.
Radar URL
Real time user tracking widgets for websites.
Red Stat Counter
Offers free tracking all visitor information for analyzing.
Free counter service. Provides detailed graphical analysis of webpage visitors.
Free simple hit counter with no email registration required. The counter style is customizable and the site includes a detailed FAQ.
Detailed visitor statistics and a choice of graphical counters. An invisible counter is also available.
Provides free website tracking service for webmasters and bloggers.
Lists visits, referrals, browser versions, resolution, and operating systems used to view a site.

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