Definition of Freelance:
1 : a person who acts independently without being affiliated with or authorized by an organization
2 : a person who pursues a profession without a long-term commitment to any one employer
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Sah, Jason
Web design, maintenance, offers assistance in domain name and hosting, Flash and logo design available.
Sajesh P
Offers web design, animation, illustration, and logo design, specialized in Flash. Based in Cochin, Kerala, India.
Sandman, Leah
Offers web design, logo design, corporate identity work, newsletters, and brochures. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States.
Schiavi, Fabrizio
Offers web design, type design, and Flash design services in Italy.
Schnapp, Jonathan - JSVisuals
Offers promotional design and graphics services.
Schroder, Kenn - Coaching Sites That Work
Web design for life, personal, career and business coaches. Includes articles, newsletter, and reports.
Schuster, John
Provides web design and development, hosting, programming, and graphic design. Includes resume for download. Based in Chicago, Illinois, United States.
Schwahinger, Adam - Netsations
Offers design, e-commerce solutions, and hosting services.
Segall, Gregory
Specializing in dynamic web sites based on Flash, DHTML, ASP, JavaScript, and XML.
Seipp, David - Wireframe Design
Website design, print work and multimedia based in West Yorkshire, UK.
Sexton, Chris and Simpson, Everett - Fuzzymonk Studios
Specializing in multimedia, design, and flash development services.
Shaw, Nick - Fracture Media Syndicate
Services include web design, print, web motion, multimedia, graphics, and branding. Auckland, New Zealand.
Shore, Trudy - MohSho Interactive Multimedia
Web design and marketing, web hosting, domain name registration, scanning/printing and desktop publishing. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Site Designs by Lori
Home page and business design.
Skonieczny, Chris - Tuff Studio
Provide web design including WordPress, HTML, PHP, jQuery, and specialised in Actionscript Flash and iOS / Android app development. Located London, UK.
Sköldenborg, Robert - WebAholic
Creates and updates homepages.
Offers AJAX based web development and SEO services. Vancouver based.
Smith, Cheryl - OutFront Productions
Offers design, maintenance, hosting and e-commerce solution. Located in Nova Scotia, Canada
Smith, Edward
Offers web design services on a freelance project basis or part time employment capacity. Includes an online CV. Based in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom
Smith, Keith
PHP and Ajax programmer creates websites and custom applications.
Smith, Nate
Print and web services, based in Lethbridge, Alberta.
Smith, Peter
Offers website design and W3C validation services.
Smith, Sandra
Offers website design and Flash animation services. Based in San Dieago Mesa, California, United States.
Smolenski, Bob
Offers design and video production services specializing in flash animation.
Snell, Robert
Specializes in search optimization, pay per click, click fraud analysis, and hosting and site design.
Snowdon, Luke
A Gloucestershire, United Kingdom based freelance Flash developer who specializes in online game development, web design and dynamic rich media experiences.
Sousa, Jonathan
Resume, which includes work on Libqual+ and ColdFusion, database-backed applications. Washington, DC.
Spooner, Ryan
Services include graphic design, web design and development, video editing, motion Ggaphics, SEO, and user interface design. Based in New York, United States.
Stanley, Adrian -Cakemix
Provides website design, technical consultancy and information architecture. Based in London, United Kingdom.
Starr, Penney - Startime Network
Offers design, JavaScripting, search engine registrations, and multimedia development. Based in Arlington, Texas, United States.
Steel Dolphin Creative--Arlidge, Chris
Offers web development, site hosting, and graphic design.
Steele, Jeanne - Steele Imagery
Development, design and production of web sites focusing on small- to medium-size businesses, along with corporate project management. Based in San Francisco, California, United States.
Steward, Shawn
A freelancer specializing in development, search engine optimization, and consulting services.
Sticka, Tyler
Web, app and icon design journal and portfolio.
Stieger, Taryn
Provides web design, graphic design, and illustration. Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
Stockard, James -
Offers design. Located in Louisiana, United States.
Stott, Jeff
Offers design, hosting, database integration, promotion, and e-commerce. Located in West Jordan, Utah, United States.
Straghalis, Erick
Web design, marketing and web management.
Strickland, Brad
Provides web design, multimedia, Flash, Shockwave, and video. Based in Alabaster, Alabama, United States.
Svendsen, Adam - Graphics Online
Web design and website production, graphic design, photography and QuickTime VR and DV movies.
Swank, Andrea - Night Wolf Design
Web site design and maintenance.
Swengler, Dai
Provides fine art and design skills to web design. Includes downloadable resume. Located in Baltimore Maryland, United States.
Swidczak, Patryk
Freelance web programmer based in Hull, Yorkshire.

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