FAQs, help, and tutorials connected with website accessibility.
Accessibility for Web Developers
Information on the Web Content Accessibilities Guideline (WCAG), with implementations and best practices for each section of the guideline.
Accessibility Guide
A guide designed to help webmasters comply with web accessibility guidelines, with special emphasis on HTML techniques.
Accessibility Tips
A collection of tips, guidance and suggestions for developing accessible web sites.
Accessible HTML/XHTML Forms
Beginner, intermediate, and advance tutorials on how to make web-based forms more accessible to those with disabilities.
Accessible Web Authoring Resources and Education Center
The AWARE center is a resource developed by the HTML Writer's Guild to assist all web writers to create more accessible web sites.
Accessible Web Page Design
List of resources for building accessible websites.
Adobe Accessibility Resource Center
Learn how to make your site more accessible when using Adobe software.
ALT texts in IMG
Detailed techniques for using the ALT tag.
Building Accessible Websites
Introductory book by Joe Clark. Full text available online.
Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility
Outlines approaches for preliminary review web site accessibility and for evaluation of conformance to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.
Importance of HTML Headings for Accessibility
An 8-minutes YouTube video with a demonstration and discussion of why correct use of HTML headings are important for screen-reader users.
Introduction to Accessible Web Design
Article introducing accessible Web design and initiatives to improve accessibility.
An Introduction To Accessible Web Design
A primer on accessible web design exploring the current standards and guidelines and how they should be implemented.
Introduction to WAI ARIA
Opera Developer Community article by Gez Lemon, serving as an introduction for those who are new to Accessible Rich Internet Applications guidelines.
An implementation guide to all aspects of accessible web design.
Nielsen Norman Group: How to Conduct Usability Studies for Accessibility
Report containing design guidelines to increase the usability of websites and intranets for users with disabilities.
Web Accessibility is Similar to Search Engine Optimization
Matthew Drouin explains how web accessibility is similar to SEO and demonstrates several methods of improving accessibility.
Resources for web designers focusing on accessibility in JavaScript and CSS.
Why Web Accessibility Makes Sense
A short introduction to web accessibility presented in a slideshow format.
ATPM.com - Web Accessibility
Article by Raena Armitage. Addresses why Web accessibility matters, and gives some practical tips to apply to your Web sites right now. (January 01, 2004)
ICDRI: Accessibility on the Web
Article defining accessibility and arguing its importance from ethical and economic perspectives. Covers basic techniques for design and testing. (August 01, 2003)
ATPM.com: Putting Curb Cuts and Wider Doors on the Internet: Toward Web Site Accessibility
Article by Sylvester Roque and Kimberly Nyles-Roque. Covers disabilities that can affect the internet experience, and gives advice on how to improve sites and avoid causing problems for users. (November 01, 2002)
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