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The Guardian: How Google Got It So Right
David Teather's article: "The success of Google, the internet search engine, has come about through the old fashioned form of viral marketing: word of mouth."
SearchEngineWatch: Happy Birthday, Google!
Five years ago, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin incorporated their fledgling startup, notes Chris Sherman.
BBC: Google Data Request Fuels Fears
Net experts and civil libertarians fear US official requests for data could set a dangerous precedent. (January 20, 2006)
Google: Time Warner's AOL and Google to Expand Strategic Alliance
Press release announcing that Google is to invest $1 billion for a 5% stake in AOL. (December 20, 2005)
NPR : Escaping the Google Spotlight
Some people go to great lengths to keep their names off the search engine Ann Harrison of Wired News tells Scott Simon how to pursue the goal of becoming un-Googleable. [2:56 streaming audio broadcast] (October 08, 2005)
WorldNetDaily: Google bans Christian ad
Anti-homosexual remarks considered to be 'hate' content. (August 17, 2004)
San Francisco Chronicle - Google's ad rules
Details of Google's ad policy disclosed in internal documents obtained by The Chronicle. (August 09, 2004)
Daring Fireball: Writing for Google
Weblog entry. If you wish for something you write for web consumption to turn up in a Google search, here are some suggestions. (May 11, 2004)
Google Introduces New Features
Press release about new services personalized Web search and Web alerts. Also explains the changes to the Google design and new search features. (March 29, 2004)
BBC Is Google Good for You?
The Google search engine has become the Coke of the web, argues technology analyst Bill Thompson. (December 19, 2003)
Google's Florida Shake Up: A View from the Beginning
Jim Hedger of the Internet Search Engines Database presents a compilation of his reactions and conclusions over weeks following Google change of 16 November. (December 16, 2003)
BBC: Google Changes Anger Web Businesses
Tweaks to the way the world's biggest search engine works mean many companies no longer show up on rankings. (December 04, 2003)
BBC: Google Celebrates Fifth Birthday
The hugely popular search engine, Google, is turning five years old this weekend. (September 07, 2003)
Slashdot: Craig Silverstein Answers Your Google Questions
11 questions answered covering technical, business model, and site ranking issues. (July 03, 2003)
Information Today: Google Buys Applied Semantics
Google announced that it has acquired Applied Semantics, a Santa Monica, California-based company known for its semantic text processing technology. (April 28, 2003) Sites Become Dependent on Google
Many smaller merchants in specialized niches rely on their sites turning up in Google's free search results. [Requires free registration to view.] (December 09, 2002) Postcards From Planet Google
Discusses how Google organizes and analyses the collective searches of people worldwide. [Requires free registration to view.] (November 28, 2002)
Localized Google Search Result Exclusions
Harvard Law School researchers document sites filtered by international versions of Google. (October 26, 2002)
Sites Blocked by China
Research article documenting specific web pages blocked in China. (September 24, 2002)
Approved Sites may Profit from Blockage : Google's Loss Spells Gain for Web Firms in China
The blocking of Google means increased traffic for Chinese based sites. (September 11, 2002)
BBC News: China Blocking Google
Beijing bears down on Google, blocking access to the search engine. (September 02, 2002)
The Register: Google Labs Passes Borges Test
Andrew Orlowski's article: "Google has opened its kimono on some new labs work, soliciting feedback for four experimental features." (May 23, 2002)
CNet: Google Ushers Web Surfers Into Its Labs
Paul Festa's article: "Popular search engine Google on Tuesday launched two sites for developing experimental search and browsing technologies." (May 21, 2002)
USA Today: Thrill of Hunt Lures Google Competitors
Jefferson Graham's article: "Even as Google keeps growing, competitors are taking aim at the Internet's top search service." (May 12, 2002)
BBC News: Google Is 'Feeling Lucky'
"Seek and ye will find ... two entrepreneurial students with a $100k cheque in their pockets did just that, and founded the internet search engine Google. Peter Day, of BBC Radio 4's In Business programme, checks out a business that's far from failing". (May 10, 2002)
USA Today: Google Hit With Patent Suit Over 'Paid Listings'
"Internet advertising company Overture Services said Friday it sued search-engine company Google, alleging that Google's system for featuring paid advertisements infringes an Overture patent". (May 04, 2002)
CNet: Google Protects Its Search Results
Gwendolyn Mariano's article: "Dimandja Emoungu got a surprise when he tried to search Google this month: Instead of a results list, he says, the company handed him a 'rude' note denying service." (April 16, 2002)
BBC News: Google Hit By Link Bombers
"Popular search site Google is being exploited by some net users to mount protests and play jokes on their friends." (March 13, 2002)
Wired 9.10: I'm Feeling Lucky
Chip Bayers' article: "Google's built a no-nonsense path to profitability by treating advertising just like search. The secret? Three words, ranked by relevance: Results. Results. Results." (October 01, 2001)
A Search for Google’s Success Turns Up Two Words: Trust and Technology
Article that looks on the reasons behind Google success. [Free registration required.] (September 26, 2001)
E-Commerce Times: UK Shopping Guide Turns to Google
Andy Wang's article: "UK-based entertainment and shopping guide Virgin Net announced today that it has selected upstart search engine Google to provide search services for its Web site." (November 29, 1999) How Google Is That?
Om Malik's article: "The reason why all these Valley hotshots are going gaga over Google is because the company has a search technology that is far better than anything else out there." (October 04, 1999)
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