This category lists all news articles on the web regarding the Open Directory Project -- Both the Mozilla and Netcenter versions, for calendar year 1999.
CNN: Search Engines to fit any style
Danny Sullivan discusses the various trends among search engines. Open Directory is referenced as the provider of the main search results for Lycos and Netscape Search. (October 21, 1999)
CNET On the Net, There is Such a Thing as Free Labor
Jim Hu writes about the growing trend of companies using volunteer editors to build their directories. Netscape’s purchase of NewHoo, which was then renamed the Open Directory Project, is mentioned. (September 07, 1999)
San Jose BusinessJournal: Online Directories Beginning to Charge
Article discusses Yahoo’s move to charge a fee for an express review service and the industry debate on the issue. (April 30, 1999) Changes in Search Industry Create Strange Bedfellows
Article discusses Netscape’s unconventional move of licensing its Open Directory data to Lycos for free. (April 28, 1999)
Wired: Lycos Embraces Open Web Index
Chris Oakes writes about Lycos adopting the Open Directory Project into its search results and notes a similar move recently made by Bomis. (April 16, 1999)
Interview: Netscape's Dariusz Paczuski
Webreference interview looks at the Open Directory Project’s become goal to become the most comprehensive web directory. Provides notes on the importance of volunteer editors and outlines key differences between Yahoo and ODP. (March 08, 1999)
CNET Mozilla Comes of Age
Paul Festa writes about the success Mozilla achieved in its first year and the impact it made on the industry. Article mentions Netscape’s acquisition of NewHoo. (February 04, 1999)
CNET Netscape to Launch User-Driven Directory
Jim Hu writes about the pending launch of the Netscape Open Directory and its hope in the volunteer editors’ ability to expand the content. (January 24, 1999)

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