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Action Research
Southern Cross University's guide to action research theory and sites.
Association for Computing Machinery
Society advancing leading-edge computing knowledge as a science and a profession through publications, conferences, and career resources.
Up-to-date information technology research papers, case studies, analyses, and product news for business executives.
Community of Science
Global community of scientists, researchers, universities, institutions, agencies and corporations providing opportunities and funds for research and development.
Reports, training and events on best practice digital marketing, and e-commerce. Includes research, blogs, forums, a member and supplier directory, and a digital marketing job listings section.
Library, Web, and reference sources of research material of a broad nature.
IBM Research
Projects and processes knowledge base from IBM's research labs worldwide.
Global content published as news, reports, features and articles on networking, software, programming, security, communications, gaming and allied areas of information technology.
Info-Tech Research
Core research by specific advisors, reports, and analyses for IT professionals.
Intel Research
Intel Corporation's research programs in computing, microprocessors, networking, communications, etc.
Sustaining ecological and biological research through publications and funds.
International Center for Advanced Internet Research
Leading-edge Internet technology research; innovation; pre-production deployment, including advanced optical networking; digital media; and software development.
Utilities and database links for conducting researches and custom searches by special parameters.
Journal of Medical Internet Research
Peer-reviewed e-health-journal on research, information, and communication in health care.
Library of Congress
A U.S. federal resource of the Congress providing research material and updated database on virtually every topic from within the Library's universal collection of books, recordings, photographs, maps, and manuscripts.
Microsoft Research
Computer technology research at Microsoft Corporation.
Online College Blog: 100 Useful Tips and Tools to Research the Deep Web
By Alisa Miller. Has tips, strategies, helpful articles and resources for deep searching. Also features a list of meta-search engines, semantic search tools and databases, general, academic, scientific, custom, and collaborative search engines and databases.
Qualitative Report
Nova Southeastern University's journal for collaborative qualitative research, inquiry, methods and practices, with links to multi-disciplinary papers, journals and Webrings.
Research at Carolina
Research resources at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Research Councils UK
A strategic partnership of seven UK Research Councils championing science, engineering and technology to create a common framework for academic research, training and knowledge transfer; incorporating pages from cross-council activities.
Tell Me Now
Business information and research, broadly specific to Australia.
Writers Write
Research advice, tips and resources meaningful to writers.
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