Computers Internet RFCs 0501 - 0600
RFC 0501
Un-Muddling "Free File Transfer". K.T. Pogran. May 1973.
RFC 0503
Socket Number List. N. Neigus, J. Postel. April 1973.
RFC 0504
Distributed Resources Workshop Announcement. R. Thomas. April 1973.
RFC 0505
Two Solutions to a File Transfer Access Problem. M.A. Padlipsky. June 1973.
RFC 0506
FTP Command Naming Problem. M.A. Padlipsky. June 1973.
RFC 0508
Real-Time Data Transmission on the ARPANet. L. Pfeifer, J. McAfee. May 1973.
RFC 0509
Traffic Statistics. (April 1973). A.M. McKenzie. April 1973.
RFC 0510
Request for Network Mailbox Addresses. J.E. White. May 1973.
RFC 0511
Enterprise Phone Service to NIC From ARPANET Sites. J.B. North. May 1973.
RFC 0512
More on Lost Message Detection. W. Hathaway. May 1973.
RFC 0513
Comments on the New Telnet Specifications. W. Hathaway. May 1973.
RFC 0514
Network Make-Work. W. Kantrowitz. June 1973.
RFC 0516
Lost Message Detection. J. Postel. May 1973.
RFC 0518
ARPANet Accounts. N. Vaughan, E.J. Feinler. June 1973.
RFC 0520
A Proposal for File Access Protocol. J.D. Day. June 1973.
RFC 0521
Restricted Use of IMP DDT. A.M. McKenzie. May 1973.
RFC 0523
SURVEY is in Operation Again. A.K. Bhushan. June 1973.
RFC 0524
Proposed Mail Protocol. J.E. White. June 1973.
RFC 0525
MIT-MATHLAB Meets UCSB-OLS: An Example of Resource Sharing. W. Parrish, J.R. Pickens. June 1973.
RFC 0526
Technical Meeting: Digital Image Processing Software Systems. W.K. Pratt. June 1973.
RFC 0527
ARPAWOCKY. D.L. Covill. May 1973.
RFC 0528
Software Checksumming in the IMP and Network Reliability. J.M. McQuillan. June 1973.
RFC 0529
A Note on Protocol Synch Sequences. A.M. McKenzie, R. Thomas, R.S. Tomlinson, et al. June 1973.
RFC 0531
Feast or Famine? A Response to Two Recent RFCs About Network Information. M.A. Padlipsky. June 1973.
RFC 0532
The UCSD-CC Server-FTP Facility. R.G. Merryman. July 1973.
RFC 0533
Message-ID Numbers. D.C. Walden. July 1973.
RFC 0534
Lost Message Detection. D.C. Walden. July 1973.
RFC 0537
Announcement of NGG Meeting July 16-17. S. Bunch. June 1973.
RFC 0538
Traffic Statistics (June 1973). A.M. McKenzie. July 1973.
RFC 0539
Thoughts on the Mail Protocol Proposed in RFC 524. D. Crocker, J. Postel. July 1973.
RFC 0542
File Transfer Protocol. N. Neigus. August 1973.
RFC 0543
Network Journal Submission and Delivery. N.D. Meyer. July 1973.
RFC 0544
Locating On-Line Documentation at SRI-ARC. N.D. Meyer, K. Kelley. July 1973.
RFC 0545
Of What Quality Be the UCSB Resources Evaluators? A Response to "Feast of Famine". J.R. Pickens. July 1973.
RFC 0546
TENEX Load Averages for July 1973. R. Thomas. August 1973.
RFC 0547
Change to the Very Distant Host Specification. D.C. Walden. August 1973.
RFC 0548
Hosts Using the IMP Going Down Message. D.C. Walden. August 1973.
RFC 0549
Minutes of Network Graphics Group meeting, 15-17 July 1973. J.C. Michener. July 1973.
RFC 0550
NIC NCP Experiment. L.P. Deutsch. August 1973.
RFC 0552
Single Access to Standard Protocols. A.D. Owen. July 1973.
RFC 0555
Responses to Critiques of the Proposed Mail Protocol. J.E. White. July 1973.
RFC 0559
Comments on the New Telnet Protocol and its Implementation. A.K. Bhushan. August 1973.
RFC 0561
Standardizing Network Mail Headers. A.K. Bhushan, K.T. Pogran, R.S. Tomlinson, et al. September 1973.
RFC 0567
Cross Country Network Bandwidth. L.P. Deutsch. September 1973.
RFC 0568
Response to RFC 567 - Cross Country Network Bandwidth. J.M. McQuillan. September 1973.
RFC 0569
NETED: A Common Editor for the ARPA Network. M.A. Padlipsky. October 1973.
RFC 0580
Note to Protocol Designers and Implementers. J. Postel. October 1973.
RFC 0584
Charter for ARPANET Users Interest Working Group. J. Iseli, D. Crocker, N. Neigus. November 1973.
RFC 0585
ARPANET Users Interest Working Group Meeting. D. Crocker, N. Neigus, E.J. Feinler, et al. November 1973.
RFC 0589
CCN NETRJS Server Messages to Remote User. R.T. Braden. November 1973.
RFC 0591
Addition to the Very Distant Host Specifications. D.C. Walden. November 1973.
RFC 0593
Telnet and FTP Implementation Schedule Change. A.M. McKenzie, J. Postel. November 1973.
RFC 0595
Second Thoughts in Defense of the Telnet Go-Ahead. W. Hathaway. December 1973.
RFC 0596
Second Thoughts on Telnet Go-Ahead. E.A. Taft. December 1973.
RFC 0597
Host Status. N. Neigus, E.J. Feinler. December 1973.
RFC 0599
Update on NETRJS. R.T. Braden. December 1973.
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