RSS is a family of data formats used to publish 'feeds' containing news or detailed up updated content on the web. RSS stands variously for "Really Simple Syndication" (RSS 2.0), "RDF Site Summary" (RSS 1.0 and RSS 0.90), and "Rich Site Summary" (RSS 0.91).

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CaRP: Caching RSS Parser
Free PHP script to integrate RSS newsfeeds into webpages. Features flexible formatting, caching for speed, and includes proxy server support.
Dave Winer's RSS Weblog
Weblog that covers new developments in the field of RSS.
A XML-based RSS parser in PHP. Supports most RSS versions including Userland RSS and RSS 1.0. Supports modules, and namespaces.
RDF Rich Site Summary (RSS)
News and history of RSS. By Robin Cover, XML Cover Pages, OASIS.
An online utility that can convert RSS feeds into PDF files.
RSS DevCenter
A collection of essays and guides to RSS, from O'Reilly, the technical book publisher.
RSS in Government
News about how RSS is being used by international, federal, state, and local governments.
RSS Specifications
Information related to RSS and XML, including software, newsreaders, specifications, content syndication, and the history of rss.
W3C RSS 1.0 News Feed Creation How-To
Guide offers a simple way of creating RSS 1.0 news feeds from one's W3C related domain, activity or working group home page.
Web Reference: RSS
A collection of RSS resources by Web Reference.
XML Tools: RSSApplet
This site contains XML tools for web masters, for instance the RSSViewerApplet for displaying RSS headlines in an HTML page.
zShaped and zFeeder
zShaped is a tool to post (syndicate) news (content) on your site. zFeeder is a tool to show other's RSS content on your site, or use it on your PC or intranet as a news reader.
What is RSS?
A how to covering all the various versions of RSS. (December 18, 2002)
The WebReference/ Multi-Feed RSS Sidebar Tab (1/6)
An in-depth look at the WebReference/ multi-feed RSS sidebar tab; a combined Perl, XHTML, and JavaScript application. (May 17, 2002)
RSS: Lightweight Web Syndication
RSS, a simple XML application to describe web site headlines, has had such enormous success that it has been pulled in many directions. By Rael Dornfest, (July 17, 2000)
Registering and Publishing with RSS
Explains how to register your RSS file with one of the news syndication sites (July 03, 2000)

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