Tutorials, guides, literature, tools, and people that help in planning, setting up and running an online community.

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About.com: Community Online
Editors' web site picks for fostering an online community and personalizing web sites.
Benton Foundation: Community Building
Detailed articles, tools, and resources about community building. Topics range from software recommendations to profiles of successful communities.
Building Community: Online Resources
Has papers, presentations, stories, indexes, and surveys.
Club about Online Communities
Whenever you provide people with the ability to communicate online then community develops. This club is about the development and management of online communities.
Community is Dead; Long Live Mega-Collaboration
Usability expert Jakob Nielsen's take on Online Communities: "The Web is not a community: a huge impersonal city is a better metaphor. User-contributed content can be valuable (if edited), but chat rooms should be avoided because of participation inequality."
Community Networks: Putting People First
Editorial by Michael Mulquin. Discusses the role of Community Networks in delivering new information and communications technologies to UK residents. Most content is applicable elsewhere as well. [PDF]
CornerWays, LLC
Online community development company that provides online community building, consulting and design services worldwide.
Helps companies manage and moderate all online content within both private online communities, MMOs, virtual worlds and public social media.
Cyberspace Innkeeping: Building Online Community
Essay by former Wells conferencing manager John Coate explaining what happens in an online social environment.
Full Circle Associates
Provides strategic facilitation, online community development, marketing, and project management services. Includes a listing of online community building and virtual group facilitation/moderation resources.
How To Kill Community Networks
By Doug Schuler. Essay describing three common means for the downfall of community networks.
Membership Agreements
Article by lawyer Ivan Hoffman discussing membership agreements and resolving issues that arise from them. Applicable only to U.S. Law.
NTT Social Communication Laboratory
Aims to develop a social information infrastructure and create a new lifestyle for interpersonal communication via the Internet.
Online Community Building Concepts
List of fundamental principles to consider when starting a new community site.
Online Hospitality: Moderator Guidelines and Community-Building Tips
Gail Ann Williams writes about building conversation and community in online environments, adapted from the WELL Host Manuals.
WELL Conferencing Team - Community Building and Hosts Manual
The WELL's description of conferencing, why it's the best tool for building community, and how to get starting in a conferencing environment. Links include the WELL Host Manual.
First Monday - A Social Network Caught in the Web
The authors present an analysis of Club Nexus, an online community at Stanford University. Through the site they were able to study a reflection of the real world community structure within the student body. (May 01, 2003)
CNet.com: Will Media Giants Bulldoze Communities?
News Analysis by CNET observing how Disney and Time Warner, by building enhanced entertainment sites, threaten topical online communities. (March 31, 1999)
Fragmented by Technologies: A Community in Cyberspace
Early academic paper studying the human interaction within an online community. The author observed antinomy, atomisation, carnival, decentralization, disembodiment, impersonality, intensification and lurking. (April 01, 1997)
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