These sites will "show-off" pets, accomplishments, vital statistics of pet, and/or family members (other pets).
Aqua Tetra
A Usul's story and tips on keeping your pet Usul healthy and happy.
Baby Rambi and Bumper
Page offers pet's story along with adoptables of 15 different species of Neopets.
Chronicles lab ray visits, offers art trades, drawings, personal information of owner and pet, and links to other sites.
Berry Patch
The story of a pet's life, gifts received from others, and links.
Caring For Caira_Le
Contains vital statistics, life story, family bio and pictures, and links.
The Carrot Tree
Pets story, adoptables, and links.
Ceikh's Scribbles
Includes a descriptive story of Ceikh's life.
Cephra the Zafara
Diary, information, pictures, and friends.
Offers news, updates, statistical information, life story, list of friends, and links to other pet pages.
Doremix's Adoptables
A site with customised Neopet Adoptables.
Drift Moss
Contains life story, friends, awards won, links, and an adoptable.
Showcases original fan art, awards won, custom adoptables, pet story and statistics, and also has a list of friends and a guest book to sign.
Contains links to friends pages, story about pet, likes, vital statistics, fan art, and awards won.
Forgotten's Sock-Madness
Story of an Aisha and her magical sock puppets and also how to make them. Displays awards won, artwork created by owner and friends, and links.
Gelert Lair
Contains life story of two Gelerts, family information, awards won, artwork, toy box, links, and guest book.
A drawing of the pet, statistics, and a picture.
Life story, battle and vital statistics, family, petpet, and home information, fan art, and links.
Offers life story, likes and dislikes, wish list, fan art gallery, beauty contest entries, information about Midnight a petpet, trophies and awards won, and links.
Katta425's Homepage
This is a page all about Katta425 and her petpet who hopes to one day be the strongest Wocky in Neopia.
Kiwikku's n00bology Lab
Everything about the Neopian n00b!
Offers likes and dislikes, favorite band and petpet, vital, job and battledome statistics, poll, and awards won.
Lone Watcher
Offers life story, gift art by others, family links and awards won.
Magnet of Misfortune
The tale of a Lupe who seems to be victim of permanent bad luck.
Mellanka's collection of Avatars
Display of a quickly growing collection of avatars.
Meteor 160
Contains pet's life story, Battledome abilities, friends and family information, art gallery, adoptables, and links.
Metroid the Eyrie
Contains likes, dislikes, and information on family, owner, and petpet Bebeboonie the snowbunny.
Mitufos the Cloud Tonu
Information, statistics, story, and pictures of a Neopet.
My Neopet, Lopez7 the Lupe
Find out all about the Lupe named Lopez7.
MyBabyKyla's Pet Page
Find out all about the Blumaroo named MyBabyKyla.
Neopets Daily
Daily to-do's made easy, thanks to these links to freebies, as well as games and helpful hints.
Nobuki the Shoyru
History, stories, pictures, and favorite things.
Norbson the Blumaroo
Personal information and pictures.
Page has vital and battledome statistics, links to other sites, and the story of a lupe.
Offers robot pets statistics, petpet information, likes, dislikes, and awards won.
Parasol Rainbow the Uni
Has art work, story, favorite food and links.
View screenies for a good laugh, and also has a brief description of secret avatars.
Princess Rosebud 10
Has pet statistics, adoptable dollz, and poems.
Qaidia's Pink Picnic
Provides likes, dislikes, favourites, family friends, fan art and stories.
Rainbow of Life
A page about a rainbow gelert who enjoys life, containing a brief story, adoptables and links.
Rainjostew's Neopets
Pictures of pets and a listing of available books.
Rinas Rockin Pet Page
Story of a pet in a band. Has interview, biography of band members, tour dates, fan art, awards, concert souvenirs, and links.
Scamper Pup
Offers the life and exploits of a baby Gelert and has a pictorial link area.
Sea Gelert
Offers a story about an aquatic pet.
Shadow Angel
Has hand drawn art work, links, FAQ, stories, and family pictures.
Shoyru Page
A pet's life story with pictures.
Siberion Sunshine
Explains how owner and pet came to be, likes, wants, dislikes, vital statistics, art work, and petpet.
Vital statistics, abilities, family and friends information, pictures, art trades, and links.
Stock Market
Guide to the Stock Market.
Take The Plunge
Zaschery shares accomplishments, pet battles, battledome pictures and drawings.
Includes a story written by owner and adoptables.
Offers viewers family and friend pictures and an adoptable sprite.
Tenshi's Nest Among the Stars
Page offers a wish list, status, awards, diary, FAQ and links.
Thunderpony the Uni
Pet's personal information, collections of items, and pictures. Lists all Neopets, PetPets and PetPetPets, and has tips for players.
Contains intro, pet story and FAQ.
Stories of self, petpet, friends and family are available. Offering hobbies, likes, dislikes, home information, awards, and links to other sites.
Pet statistics, family information and pictures; also has likes and dislikes.
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