Online tool and web-based services for email marketing.

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Email marketing platform with Facebook and Twitter integration. UK based.
Create and send email marketing campaigns to nurture and qualify leads. Integrates with Sales Force.
Action Message
Web based email marketing application. Create and send opt-in email marketing campaigns.
Active Demand
Marketing automation and email marketing tool for small businesses, large corporations and agencies.
Email creation, list hosting, tracking and reports, bounce handling and ISP relations. Headquarters in Israel.
Address Bin
Send newsletters and drip campaigns directly from your mail client using a special address.
Creates email marketing popups to increase click conversion and attention.
Banana Mail
Over 100 professionally-designed templates that can be modified with custom pictures, text, banners, movie/audio files, links.
Benchmark Email
Offers web-based email marketing tools to send, track and manage newsletters, surveys and online polls.
Electronic newsletter and email communication tools.
Real time IP blacklist monitoring tool. Monitoring over 121 IP blacklists daily.
Email marketing platform designed for beginners and professionals. Design, Deliver and Report.
Email marketing solution with self-service and fully managed options. An SMTP relay service is also available.
Offers white-label email marketing software as a service.
Campaign Monitor
Create, send, and optimize your email marketing campaigns
Marketing software based in India to help businesses automate sales and marketing communications to gain new leads.
Captivate Mail
Create and send email campaigns, manage subscribers, measure campaigns with detailed reports.
Email marketing system designed for the non-profit sector. UK based.
Manage your contacts through the CRM system and then send emails to the right contact with detailed timing. Allows for meta tagging for better organization and targeting.
Clever Elements
Email marketing service provider based in Germany. Create newsletters using a wizard or use custom html code.
Nurture email leads into warm prospects. Offers a variety of monthly subscriptions.
Constant Contact
Self-service email marketing solution to create, send and track HTML email newsletters.
Contact Pigeon
Email marketing service with a dedicated account manager for every customer.
Online web tool for small businesses and freelancers to organize contacts and leads.
Creates, sends, manages, and tracks responses in email campaigns.
Email validation to clear out bad data from a database and boost email delivery. Also offers phone verification services.
Email marketing solution based out of Quebec, Canada that with a simple drag and drop editor.
Deluxe: Email Marketing
Send targeted emails for your organization. Create email campaigns using templates, schedule it to send and track results.
Email marketing system for small to medium businesses. Contains plans for organizations that have mailing lists of all sizes. Based in New York.
Email solution provider focused on Credit Unions. Product suite includes email marketing, surveys and text messaging.
Web-based email marketing service. Includes options to send bilingual campaigns focusing on English and Spanish.
Dyn: Email Delivery
Create, deliver and track the email campaigns with online software.
Online tool for businesses that allows staff to send branded ecards to their clients and contacts.
Elite Answers
Creates web-based services for the small business and enterprise market. Products include an email marketing service to design, send and track HTML email newsletters.
Elite Email
Small business and enterprise solutions to create, send and track email marketing campaigns. Offers a specialized version tailored to MySpace users.
Email Blaster UK
Create send and track email marketing newsletters. No download required. Based in UK.
Email Contact
Web-based solution to create email newsletters using customizable templates.
Email It
Email marketing software that lets you create, send, and track HTML emails. Based in Auckland.
Email Manager
Web-based email marketing tool to create contact lists, send email campaigns, and track reports.
Email Marketing Reviews
Detailed reviews of many email marketing service providers by industry professionals and general consumers.
Email Reach
Web-based email diagnostics service. Review email rendering in various web and desktop clients, monitor delivery and blacklists.
Email Tracks
Create, send and track HTML emails.
Email Transmit
Collect, import, manage and organize your email addresses. Compose emails with an online HTML editor and track results.
Email VM
Record and send video emails to engage your audience and build loyalty. Offers an iOS and Android app as well. Based in California.
Create, send, analyze and manage email and SMS campaigns using a web interface. Based in Australia.
Multi-lingual user interface and WYSIWYG editor to create CRM emails. Based in Belgium.
Web-based solution to send targeted email messages and track and measure response.
Email newsletter solution for small businesses and organizations. Content is supplied for various industries.
Ennect Mail
Web-based solution that creates HTML emails and visually analyze results.
Email and SMS marketing software with social sharing. Analytics & API integration.
An electronic publishing ASP including list management, e-newsletter advertising placement.
UK based provider of email marketing services to create email campaigns. Choose between managed or self-service options. Offers partner programs.
Fusion Express
Web-based email newsletter tool with contact capture features. Pricing in Pounds.
Online software to send, manage and track email newsletters. Australia based.
Deploy emails and track delivery with web-based software.
Allows organizations to create, send, and track email newsletters, surveys, and auto-responders. Offers a video tour of the product.
India based. Services include email campaign management, lead generation, email marketing consulting, training & workshops.
Imnica Mail
Email marketing tool that allows you to build a segmented mailing list, create emails with personalization, and obtain detailed statistics including integration with Google Analytics.
Inbox Group
Create full-color HTML email marketing newsletters with no programming skills required. 15 day trial.
Email marketing solution that integrates with iMIS, Destination3000, Olive, and Jenzabar.
UK based email marketing service provider with many template options and tools to manage subscribers.
Interact Guru
Create email newsletters, manage subscribers, and track email campaigns. Based in India.
itracMarketer Inc.
Email marketing software with a focus on lead management and overall web presence. Based in Toronto.
Kenscio is an enterprise level digital direct marketing company based in India, offering an email marketing platform, social media management Platform and list hygiene solutions.
Create online presentations that can be emailed and tracked.
Manage contacts, create emails and track opens, clicks, unsubscribes. Includes social share features and Google Analytics integration. Based in India.
Little Green Plane
UK based email marketing solution to create emails, manage your data, and track reports. Consultants can help with strategy as well.
Mail Blaze
Online email marketing service that allows clients to create, send and track their email campaigns. Monthly and pay as you go pricing options.
Mail Magic
Email marketing solution that services the European market. Offers a variety of training courses and seminars.
Mail Marketer
Based in India. Design and send email campaigns using a variety of templates. Track results with reports.
Online email marketing solution to manage subscribers, send emails, and track results. Offers integrations with other programs.
Web-based email marketing solution for businesses. Create emails and auto-responders with results tracking. Based in Latvia.
Mailing Manager
Create email newsletters, send to subscribers and track the results. UK based.
Web based mail marketing service.
Email marketing tool that can help manage email campaigns, newsletters and mailing lists. Based in Czech Republic.
Create, send, and track responsive emails that display properly on every device.
My Emma
Offers online marketing tools to send, track and manage all aspects of an email campaign.
Create, send and track html email newsletters. Include pre-written articles or custom article content.
Create email campaign to increase sales, boost customer retention and drive traffic to your website.
Create professional HTML email campaigns including video and audio emails.
Online Outbox
Create and manage permission-based lists, create triggered messages, and get campaign statistics.
Onovative Banking
Automated outbound marketing & customer analytics software for Banks and Credit Unions.
Software as a service that helps sales teams engage customers through integrated communications.
Self-service tool to create and monitor HTML emails. Pricing is in Pounds.
Email marketing for B2B communications. Send autoresponders and launch drip campaigns.
Power Mailer
Email marketing solution that enables user to create newsletters and manage their mailing list. Based in India.
Predictive Response
Email marketing solution that integrates with Salesforce. Define your role hierarchy into your campaigns.
Real Magnet
Email marketing application to design emails, manage contacts and track results. Send messages through RSS and fax.
Create email newsletters with a drag and drop editor as well as forms to build your mailing list.
Relevant Tools
Custom web forms, contact database management and email campaign tools.
Email marketing service with automated triggers, lead capture forms and surveys. Based in Istanbul.
Branded email solutions for businesses. Create graphical signatures and templates.
Savvy Sender
Self-serve, online email marketing service to send emails and track results in real-time.
Send Smith
Cloud-based email marketing system that is multi-lingual and offers detailed post campaign reporting.
Email marketing service that utilizes Amazon's Simple Email Services (SES). Create mailing lists, add campaign content, deploy emails and track results.
Transactional email service that provides delivery of emails to the inbox.
Helps bloggers and website owners with email list management and email creation. Integrates with several third party applications.
Integrated service to manage email, text and webpush campaigns. Create and send newsletters. Analyze your results with reports. Integration options with Rest API.
Email and mobile SMS messaging solution. API available. UK based.
Enables companies to connect with customers through a variety of online tools, including email marketing and surveys.
Provider of interactive marketing software and services including email marketing, survey marketing, and SMS marketing.
Newsletter tool focused on internal communications. Allows members of an organization to submit content that requires approval for inclusion.
Web-based solution to create, send and track email and mobile SMS campaigns.
Email marketing system with a variety of templates, landing pages generator, A/B analysis. Based out of Slovenia.
Stream Send
Web-based email marketing solution to help increase leads and build lists.
An email marketing service provider, with tools to help create and send targeted email campaigns.
Hosted and licensed permission email marketing solutions. Include dynamic content in emails.
TemplateZone Store
Download templates for HTML email marketing.
Online email marketing solution to manage subscribers, send emails, and track results. Offers integrations with other programs.
A tool for designing, writing and sending newsletters for organizations. Based in Denmark.
Provides online email marketing tools for small, medium and large business to manage contacts, send emails and track results.
Windy Mail
Web-based email solution with WYSIWYG editor. Provides content for niche categories.
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