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This category exists to provide helpful information regarding the use of E-mail on the internet for both novice and experienced user alike.

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A Beginner's Guide to Effective E-mail
Write e-mail messages that will get noticed, read, properly understood, and responded to.
Dan's Mail Format Site
Includes guidelines on quoting and attachments, information about headers, and mail client configuration.
E-mail Account
Contains an overview to e-mail address, protocols, and formats.
E-mail Resources
Tips and tricks, beginner's articles, software downloads, spam management, and general help. From
Email Address Pro
Includes email software reviews, services, and resources.
Email Disclaimer
Advice on how and why you should add disclaimers and signatures to your email.
Email Questions
Contains an email help desk and discussion forum.
Coverage of all issues related to the usage of e-mail.
The First Network Email
Contains frequently asked questions, like, why did they choose the at sign.
Flash Your E-mail
Spice-up your messages with a Flash signature file.
Help with Internet E-mail
Includes answers to commonly posed questions.
The History of Electronic Mail
Contains a history of email spam and instant messaging.
How to Cope with too Much E-mail
Learn the cause of this problem and some possible solutions.
HowStuffWorks "How E-mail Works"
Contains a guide on how e-mail works and how email servers deliver messages.
Inventor of Email, The
Contains a history of email and false claims of its invention.
Learn the Net: Harnessing E-mail
Explains the features and usage of e-mail step by step.
Mailing Check
Contains a guide to email spam check software.
Man Who Invented Email, The
Contains an investigation into the origins of email.
Managing Incoming Email: What Every User Needs to Know
Report explaining how users can cope with increasing amounts of e-mail. [PDF]
Webmail FAQ
Contains frequently asked questions about webmail services.
Write Better E-mails
Gives advice on writing and using e-mail. Gives tips on managing your inbox, and how to deal with issues such as SPAM and phishing.

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