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There are many types of anonymous mail software. There are anonymous mailers that are designed to be secure against determined attacks, such as the Mixmaster network. There are also anonymous mail systems which are really for fun. These provide weak security guarantees but are often easier to use and more reliable. All these will be found here. Anonymous communication is a two-edged sword. It benefits society by allowing whistleblowers to speak up freely, and by assisting those whose free speech rights are being infringed. It can also be used to conceal the origin of unethical activities such as spam and computer break-ins. Sites which promote these types of activities are not listed here.

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Pinger software for anonymous remailers. It is used to check remailers reliability. Download, documentation and access to SVN repository are available.
ICMW- Mood Mail Emailer
Web page allowing to specify sender and recipient email addresses.
This free site allows you to send free anonymous emails, faxes and SMS messages.
Mixmaster Development Site
This is the official site for the development of Mixmaster, the Internet's most secure anonymous remailer software.
Reference implementation of the Type III Anonymous Remailer protocol. Provides news, downloads, documentation and access to CVS.
Send and receive anonymous e-mail securely with SSL encrypted SMTP and POP. Compatible with Outlook, Eudora, and Netscape. Includes spam and virus protection, unlimited addresses. Pay service.
Nym Creation Howto
Step-by-step documentation on establishing and using a pseudonym server account.
Privacy FAQ Directory
List of FAQ documents relating to privacy and anonymity. The alt.privacy.anon-server now FAQ documents how to use anonymous remailers, PGP, Mixmaster and how to protect your privacy and anonymity online.
Send and receive anonymous email with this commercial service. Also offers a variety of services besides email, such as anonymous domain registration.
Self Destructing Email
Send self-destructing email which also protects against printing, forwarding, mark/copy/pasting, just by adding "" to the end of the recipient email address. No software or downloads required. Works with all email and webmail programs.
Disposable email addresses to communicate with businesses or in into web forms.

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