This category is for listings by Mass Sellers. A mass seller is considered to be any person or company that has more than 50 domain names and/or websites for sale. If you, or your company, is selling approximately 50 or more domain names and/or websites, then yes, you should submit to the Mass Sellers subcategory. This number is currently arbitrary, and may be raised or lowered later, as needed for category control. Please note that Mass Sellers differ from General Brokers in that Brokers sell for third parties, and may have some domains of their own. However Mass Sellers are selling ONLY domain names and websites that they themselves currently own.
Amazing Domains
Sells commercially oriented premium domains.
Buy 411 Domains
Domain names for sale in multiple categories.
Offering 1-800 themed domain names for sale or auction.
Offering domains, sorted by price and category.
Lists casino and business domains. Provides contact form to submit offers.
Offering a variety of domain names available for purchase.
Over one hundred domain names for sale.
Offering a variety of domain names available for purchase.
Cuba Domains
Selling Cuba-related domain names from a revolving portfolio.
Domain Names for Real Estate
Listing of real estate related domain names being offered for sale.
Domain Names That Make Sense
Offering a collection of domains related to business and finance.
A small selection of generic domains for sale at competitive prices.
Sells a variety of generic domain names.
Selling aftermarket domains with pricing based on length of the domain name.
Domains Global
Listing .com, .net, and .org names for sale.
Offers a wide collection of names. Includes pricing information.
Offering word combination and short domains. Accepts offers by email.
Dotcom Agency
Offering .com names in a wide variety of categories. Provides contact form for inquiries.
Domains focusing on the environment and conservation.
Offers short and keyword domains. Also provides domain news and registration.
For Domain Names
Selling a variety of business, real Estate, geographical, novelty and legal domain names for sale.
Gambling Domains
Sells domain names for gambling, horse racing and sports betting sites.
Gd5 Domains
About 50 domain names for sale, including 3-5 letters, generic domain names, and foreign language names.
Healing Sites Network
Offers health and medical domains. Includes pricing and purchase information.
Domain names for lease, purchase, and lease-to-own options.
Offers a collection of short 4-letter and 5-letter domain names for sale.
Legal Domain Names
legal domain names for sale. All names are dot com.
Provides a large selection of premium and lower priced domain names.
Modern Domain
Over 300 domain names for sale based on popular internet and business topics. Also provides consulting services.
Selling and leasing over 40,000 domains, sorted into convenient categories.
My Domain Name
Generic domains in a variety of categories for sale or lease. Accepts offers via email.
Offers nanotechnology related names. Includes contact information.
Name Bio
Offering a wide variety of domains for sale.
Name Prodigy
Offers a variety of domain names for sale.
Sells a variety of .com domain names.
Generic domains in a variety of categories for sale.
large selection of business and internet domain names.
Rent or Buy Domains
Offering a selection of categorized names.
Rinky Dinky
Offering a variety of domain names available for purchase.
Offers a diverse range of quality domain names available for sale.
TLD Trade
Selling and leasing pre-owned domain names.
Top Tier Domains
Domain name registration and sales.
Listing domain names for sale.
Winning Names
Sells business domain names including real estate, finance, tax, law, health, romance and 20 additional business categories.

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