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Hank Mishkoff created, a non-commercial site promoting a Plano, Texas mall under construction by Taubman Company. It contained a prominent disclaimer pointing users to the official site, and got an injunction shutting it down. On 7 August 2001, Taubman Company sued to seize the site infringing its trademark, and succeeded in gaining an injunction to shut it down. In response to the lawsuit, registrant Hank Mishkoff registered and posted details of the ongoing litigation to, with alias domain names,,, and Taubman succeed in having the injunction amended to shut down the "sucks" site as well. After an appeals court struck down the injunction, the case was dismissed with prejudice on 19 February 2003.
Taubman Sucks
Defendant Hank Mishkoff's extensively documented chronicle of Taubman v. Mishkoff and his experiences as pro se defendant, with text and images of legal filings.
Sixth Circuit Supports Sucks Sites
"Reversing the court below, the Sixth Circuit dissolved an injunction which enjoined defendants from using plaintiff's trademarks in conjunction with the word 'sucks' in the domain name of several 'complaint' sites, as well as in the domain name of a non-commercial 'fan' site." By Martin H. Samson, Esq. [Chilling Effects Clearinghouse] (February 20, 2003)
Amendment Doesn't Suck
"Yesterday we shouted from rooftops to make a point. Today we do so by way of Internet domain names such as" [Metro Times Detroit] (February 12, 2003)
If You Follow a Few Simple Rules, You Can Cybergripe All You Want
"As long as the cybergriper keeps any commercial elements off the site, and also uses a simple disclaimer, it looks like people should also avoid picking a fight with those who know how to upload a few kilobytes." [Sneaking Suspicions] (February 10, 2003)
Of Course, It's the Sharks That Win
"Who exactly, besides the lawyers, is gaining from any of this? Certainly not Taubman's client, who have to pay for what is fast looking like a lost cause on their part, and even if they do win, any financial retribution will not cover their lawyers' fees at all." [The Boston Diaries] (February 08, 2003)
ACLU Backs Yahoo, 'Cybergriper' in Free-Speech Cases
"The American Civil Liberties Union is speaking out on behalf of giant Web directory Yahoo and a small-business operator in Texas - both involved in high-profile lawsuits the ACLU says threaten U.S. rights to free speech on the Internet." By Steven Bonisteel. [Newsbytes] (May 07, 2002)
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