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Warner Brothers threatened legal action against 15-year-old Claire Field over her Harry Potter fan site.
Harry Potter URL backlash begins
Following Warner Bros unjustifiable persecution of children who happen to register Harry Potter domain names because they are fans of the books, a few souls have taken it upon themselves to make their feelings known. By Kieren McCarthy. [Register] (January 23, 2001)
Warner Bros bullying children again
Warner Bros/Time Warner is pushing its weight around and sending threatening legal letters to young Harry Potter fans because they have had the audacity to register a domain name with the words 'harry' and 'potter' in it. By Kieren McCarthy. [Register] (January 22, 2001)
Meet the Warner Bros: Jekyll and Hyde
Following a couple of days' research into Harry Potter domains, a pattern has emerged in how WB deals with the situation. It's not fair, it's indiscriminate and it's abusive. [Register] (December 20, 2000)
Warner Bros/ Harry Potter dispute kicks off again
We thought it was all over, but the argument over the Harry Potter Web site run by 15-year-old Claire Field has kicked off again following her father's anger at media manipulation by Warner Brothers' head of publicity Barbara Brogliatti. By Kieren McCarthy. [Register] (December 18, 2000)
Warner Bros backs down on Harry Potter Web site
One week after we got a little indignant about Warner Brothers sending 15-year-old Claire Field a legal letter demanding she hand over her domain, the giant conglomerate has backed down... By Kieren McCarthy. [Register] (December 15, 2000)
Reg to fight for Harry Potter 'cybersquatter'
We see this as an appalling move by the grey suits at WB and are sure that they will leave Claire alone once they realise the disgust that most people feel towards this sort of bullying. By Kieren McCarthy. [Register] (December 12, 2000)
Warner Brothers bullies girl over Harry Potter site
Warner Brothers has threatened a 15-year-old fan of Harry Potter with legal action over her Web site. By Kieren McCarthy. [Register] (December 08, 2000)
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