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Fox News presenter Glenn Beck's lawyers have demanded the deletion of the domain name, of a website which satirically asks why Glenn Beck has not denied allegations that he raped and murdered a young girl in 1990.

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Citizen Media Law Project: Beck v. Eiland-Hall
Database of court filings in the case
Does This Domain Name Defame Glenn Beck?
"A brand-new satirical website dedicated to 'using (Glenn) Beck's tactics against him' may be facing defamation charges -- and all because the right-wing talk celebrity and his lawyers fail to see the humor in the domain name ''." [WebNewser]
Memes Strike Back: Gerbils, Gay Blood Elves, and Glenn Beck
Article about the site, the case, the "moron in a hurry" test, Internet memes, and WIPO. [Ars Technica] (September 30, 2009)
Will Glenn Beck Sue a Defamatory Website in 2009?
Discussion of the legal issues with case citations. [Citizen Media Law Project] (September 11, 2009)
Glenn Beck Introduced to the Streisand Effect
"Like Barbara Streisand trying to have pictures of her ocean-front property removed from the Internet, Glenn Beck has only added to the sensation that may or may not involve crimes against a young woman in 1990 (He has yet to comment)." [] (September 10, 2009)
Can a mere domain name be defamation? Glenn Beck says yes
"Hugely popular conservative talker Glenn Beck has sicced his lawyers on a satirical website that's been up for a week, but the attorneys may have a point on this one." [Ars Technica] (September 09, 2009)
Did Glenn Beck murder ?
"You can use a trademark in order to protest against the owner of that trademark, but what is the boundary between protest and libel?" [Political Irony] (September 08, 2009)
Glenn Beck Didn't Rape And Murder Anyone... But He Doesn't Want Websites Discussing It
"A trademark claim seems really iffy -- and not particularly smart." [TechDirt] (September 08, 2009)
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