Internet Access Providers in the United States. National ISPs would go at this level, while locals and regionals should be added under the states. Nationals should not be entered under the states, unless they want to add a listing to their home state's category (and the description for that link should be changed to reflect that). Sites that do not offer Internet access, such as companies that specialize in web hosting and domain name registration, don't belong here (they should be added under Business: Companies: Internet: Web Services, Business: Companies: Internet: Domain Registration, and so on).

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Houston, Texas based provider offering dial-up plans.
A-Street Internet
Offers retail Internet services, Unix shell and web site accounts.
Access US
Provides Internet access, hosting and co-location services across the Midwest.
Offers dial-up and high-speed Internet access.
AKC Computer Services
Offers dialup and DSL access as well as web hosting and web site promotion services.
American Broadband Services
Provides ISP services as well as Layer 2 and VPN solutions.
American InfoMetrics, Inc.
Offers xDSL across the United States, specializing in business-class Internet services.
Provides national access and hosting with free email accounts and 100 MB of space.
AreaTech, LLC
Offers Internet services, web design and hosting, and networking solutions.
National carrier offering video conferencing, high speed Internet, long distance, atm, frame relay and VPN services.
Cable One
Cable TV, high speed Internet and phone service in selected localities throughout the country.
A full-service, business-focused Internet service provider, located in Northern Virginia providing nationwide DSL, T-1, and frame relay.
Offers Internet service, web hosting and web site promotion.
Cogent Communications, Inc.
A global Internet backbone provider utilizing a next-generation optical network.
Rohnert Park, California-based national dial-up provider.
Offers 56K dial-up service across the country.
Consolidated Communications
Internet service provider, digital TV, local and long-distance telephone, and wireless services.
Nationwide 56K dialup internet access.
CoreComm Communications
Midwest access provider offering dial-up, DSL, and dedicated Internet access in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Minnesota.
Offers dialup access to the Internet access, domain registration services and web hosting.
DialUp 4
Chatsworth, California-based national dial-up service provider.
Digital Canvas
A full service web design, web application development and managed hosting provider.
DreamNet Communications
Internet access provider offering national dial-up plans, shell access and web hosting.
Dynx Services
Offers nationwide dial-up access using v.90 (all modem speeds) and ISDN.
Offer dial-up access, broadband DSL, and web hosting.
Offers Internet high-speed access and network security services.
Offers dial-up access and web hosting. Requires Flash.
Offers web access, hosting and site design nationally., Inc.
Offers Internet access with revenue-sharing to charitable and nonprofit organizations.
Offers Internet connectivity services with over T-1, DS-3 OC-3, OC-12, and OC-48 connections at speeds ranging from 1.5 Mbps to 2.5 Gbps.
Internet America, Inc.
Provides a wide array of Internet services tailored to meet the needs of individual and business customers. (Nasdaq: GEEK).
Provides Internet Services throughout the country, but generally within the Southeastern U.S, offering DSL, ISDN, and web hosting.
Offers DSL, T1, national dialup, hosting and colocation. Based in Redmond, WA. Internet Service
Nationwide ISP offering dial-up service. Offices in Lynnwood, Washington.
Offers access to the Internet as well as web hosting and email.
LI Internet HeadQuarters
National access provider based in Melville, New York.
M Fire
Offers national Internet access, personal web space and multiple e-mail accounts without setup fees.
Internet service provider exclusively for users of the Mac OS.
Macintosh-friendly nationwide Internet access service based in San Jose, California.
Microsoft Network (MSN)
Dialup access and content provider.
Microthought Network
National ISP/ASP located in St. Charles, Illinois.
Net Connection
Provides hosting and design, and Internet access as well as residential and business services.
Netscape Internet Service
Provides nationwide Internet access with services including spam blocker, pop-up blocker, virus protection and web accelerator.
Offers a variety of Internet services for residential and commercial users, including nationwide access and web hosting.
Other World Computing
Offers dial-up and DSL. Corporate office located in Woodstock, Illinois.
PCstar Internet Services
Offers 56K and ISDN access and web hosting services.
PeoplePC Online
Provides unlimited Internet service access across the continental United States. Based in San Francisco, California.
Phoenix Internet Services
Offers web solutions including dialup Internet access and e-commerce solutions.
Rise Broadband
Provides high speed broadband wireless services and web servers in the Midwest, Rocky Mountain, and Southwest regions.
River Valley Communications
Access provider based in Atlantic, Iowa. Offering national dial-up plans.
National internet carrier providing T1, T3, DSL with SLA.
Business access solutions, tier 1 provider.
Skycasters, LLC.
Provides business grade satellite Internet solutions. Available in the United States, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean. Custom solutions available.
Offers dial up access, web hosting and domain registration services.
Surfs Global, Inc.
A fully-integrated Internet service provider assisting small businesses nationwide.
US Net
Offers Web hosting services across the globe, and dialup, DSL and dedicated Internet access services throughout the United States.
A subsidiary of NTT Communications, with a tier-1 global network. Offers Internet access, Web hosting, colocation, security and network services.
Offering national dialup, DSL and wireless Internet access plans.
ViaWest Internet Services, Inc.
Offers server colocation, Internet access and web site hosting in the western United States.
Web Precision
Provides Internet marketing services including site design, promotion, and hosting.
Web56 Net
Offers Internet services including dial-up and dedicated access.
Offers wireless broadband, web hosting, development, e-commerce, and domain services.
Internet, cable and telephone provider serving residential, business and wholesale customers. Products, services, locations, employment information and support.
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