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The phenomenon of guestbooks and blogs and other online feedback tools being filled with "comments" that are really just link droppings placed with the purpose of being noticed by Google.

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A plugin which identifies and blocks comment and trackback spam on blogs with integration to various blogging systems.
Bad Behavior
An open source PHP-based solution for blocking link spam and the robots which deliver it by analyzing the delivery method as well as the software the spammer is using instead of looking at the content of potential spam.
A spam protection service for websites.
Comment Spam Wiper
Comment protection for your site.
Instead of CAPTCHA we insert an advertising image.
No Guestbook Spam Anymore
Offers instructions for webmasters for avoiding and eliminating spam in guestbook.
Stop Forum Spam
Provides statistics and various information about persistent spammers on message boards and blogs.
Google - Keeping comment spam off your site and away from users
Recommendations from Google Webmaster Central on captchas, automatic filtering, and other anti-spam tactics. (September 26, 2008)
Learning Movable Type: Concerning Spam
Types of spam seen on blogs. (February 09, 2006)
OJR : Bloggers Declare War on Comment Spam, but Can They Win?
"Here's a look at the battle so far." (September 16, 2004) - Six Apart Trains Guns on 'Comment Spam'
The blog tools vendor Six Apart plans to roll out an open online authentication system to fight the growing phenomenon of comment spam. (March 25, 2004)
Wired - Googlemania: The (Evil) Genius of Comment Spammers
Background of the phenomenon of comment spam and how bloggers responded. (March 01, 2004)
NBC News - Spammers now clogging blogs, IM
Spam has never been limited to e-mail. But now, commercial pitches are increasingly popping up in online chats, instant messages, cell phones with text messaging and weblog comments. (November 14, 2003)
Kalsey Consulting Group - Comment Spam Manifesto
Weblogger crystallizes the thoughts of many in declaring a cyberwar on those who inappropriately post in guestbooks and weblogs. (November 08, 2003)
BBC News - How spammers are targeting blogs
Spammers are turning their attention to weblogs, angering technology analyst Bill Thompson. He calls it "flyblogging." (October 24, 2003)
Jeremy Zawodny's Blog - Guerilla Tactics Against Blog Comment Spammers
Suggestion that bloggers create posts that target the same spammy phrases that blog spammers want Google to find. (October 06, 2003)
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