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This category covers set-top boxes as well as related boxes and devices that are somehow connected to a TV. The electronic box which sits on top of your TV set connects your incoming cable TV, satellite dish, broadband, internet or other transmission signal to your TV set. Set-tops vary greatly in their complexity with older models merely translating the frequency received off cable into a frequency suitable for the television set while newer models can be addressable with a unique identity much like a telephone and are also evolving into residential entertainment "gateway" boxes which may include advanced interactive on-demand capabilities such as video-on-demand, personal video recording, enhanced television link interaction, interactive program guide TV listings, and internet capabilities. Go to by clicking the Set-Top_Boxes link above for search engine links for set-top boxes.

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Altech Multimedia
Provides set-top technology products for MPEG2, DVB, digital TV, applications and which are compliant with multiple conditional access technologies.
ANAM Electronics Co. Ltd.
Korean-based TV manufacturer providing digital set-top box and other TV products.
AV Science Forum
Forums about audio/video products, including ReplayTV, Tivo, UltimateTV and DishPVR.
BBC Reception Advice
Advice on receiving digital television on ITV Digital set-top box and integrated digital TV sets.
Digital STREAM Technology
Provides digital TV and HDTV receivers including digital TV cards for PC and HDTV receiver set-top box to enable viewing of HDTV on analog TV sets.
Manufacturer of digital satellite and digital cable receivers. Also offers digital audio recorders.
Allows to transfer TV shows from your ReplayTV and archive them.
Provides broadband set-top box for residential gateway, Home Maestro Media server, video-on-demand client device, internet, wireless communication, MP3, and MTU/MDU ADSL.
Information on Linux open-source set-top box platform based on National Semiconductor Geode processor.
Little Smart Box
Android TV set top boxes shop with advice, FAQ, tutorials support on powerful set top boxes and the Kodi media centre.
Android set top box manufacturer, FAQ and Support on their product range.
Moxi Digital Inc.
Provides Moxi Media Center entertainment set-top boxes for cable and satellite TV.
Provides internet technologies for interactive TV with Netbox set-top boxes and integrated TV solutions.
Pace Plc
Developer of digital TV technologies for the payTV industry.
Planet Replay
Community, discussion, and news for owners of ReplayTV 4000 personal video recorders.
Sagem SA
Sagem provides digital interactive cable set-top box, digital integrated terrestrial set-top box, and internet digital set-top box.
Sigma Designs Inc.
Provides semiconductors and software including MPEG-4 decoder for set-top boxes, DVD players, and streaming media devices.
Tvia Inc.
Provides streaming media gateway processors for broadband set-top boxes, digital TVs, internet-enabled devices,
Universal Electronic (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
Provides set-top boxes for cable TV and satellite TV.
Provides TView consumer products for of PC-to-TV convergence and also provides high-definition video processor, broadcast and production products.
Offers TiVo and DirecTV upgrade kits.
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