This category lists manufacturers and solution providers of Industrial computer equipment used under hazardous working environments for mission critical applications. You will find a suppliers of the following equipment in this category: Industrial pc, single board computer, rackmount and panel pc, data mining equipment, and so on.

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Distributor of rackmount computer peripherals.
Acionyx, Inc.
Design and manufactures PCB board products for most bus types. Also offer object oriented software design. Cupertino, California.
Acnodes Corp.
Manufactures a line of industrial computer solutions that include panel PC, LCD workstations, rack mount LCD monitors and LCD keyboard drawers.
Acrosser Technology Co., Ltd.
Designs and manufactures industrial PC-based control systems.
Actis Computer
Specializing in small size, low power consumption, extended temperature range, Single Board Computers and I/O modules for industrial embedded applications. With standard or custom products designed around the 32-bit 68k, Pentium and PowerPC processor families.
Acura Embedded Systems
Industrial computers for mobile trucks crane where less space and high performance is required.
Add-On Data
Offers a total range of IPC rackmount unit solutions to industrial applications with rugged construction. Resistant to dust, temperature, shock, vibration and EMI common on factory floors.
Adek Industrial Computers
Manufactures industrial computers to customer specifications and provides OEMs with custom-built computers.
Advantech Co., Ltd.
Makes industrial I/O and software systems, computing platforms, board computers, industrial peripherals. Taipei, Taiwan.
Aewin Technologies
Manufacturer for pc-based embedded and industrial applications.
Manufacturers of chassis, Single Board Computer (SBC) servers and systems.
Aitech Defense Systems Inc.
Provides rugged computer system solutions and integration services for the defense and space electronics, as well as telecom industries.
Animal Systems
UK based designer and manufacturer of industrial servers and embedded motherboars.
APC Technology
Manufacturer of industrial computers, rugged computers, defence computers, and custom hardware solutions.
Arbor Technology
Manufacturer of industrial pc-based automation products, including single board computers, pc/104 modules, embedded chassis and 19" rackmount servers.
Argon Corp.
Designs and manufactures ruggedized computer and display system for military use.
Develops and manufactures industrial computers for harsh industrial environments and mission critical applications.
Attro Technology Inc.
Provides industrial CPU cards, backplanes and peripherals as well as complete industrial workstations and servers.
Aventas Inc.
Manufacturers representatives specializing in industrial ruggedized computer hardware.
Axiom Technology Co., Ltd.
Manufacturing a wide range of products including industrial computer chassis and workstations.
Blue Chip Technology
United Kingdom based designer and manufacturer of industrial PCs with a full range of rackmount 2U, 4U passive and ATX options and kiosks.
Broadax Systems, Inc.
Rugged portable computer, industrial computer, rack mount chassis and system, industrial display and all other industrial computing products.
California Designs & Systems
Industrial and automation computers, monitors, rackmounts, servers, and custom-designs.
Camdata Ltd.
Specialist supplier of rugged computers for hand held and panel mount terminals with customization available.
Cepoint Networks
Manufacturers industrial rack mount cluster servers and RAID storage computers. Rugged portable lunchbox workstations, Digital Video recorders and data acquisition systems.
Chassis Plans
Manufactures rugged industrial and military-grade rackmount computers and rack mount LCD keyboard displays and custom system design and manufacture.
Citadel Computer Corporation
Manufacturer of rugged, waterproof militarized industrial computers that are portable, NEMA and IP rated, for vehicle, forklift and shipboard installation. Thin client PCs engineered for harshest applications.
Rugged computers, displays and kiosks for industrial automation, building automation, self-service, as well as marine and commercial markets.
Computer & Control Solutions, Inc.
Specialize in custom configured rackmount computer systems and OEM assemblies and provides line of rackmount chassis, enclosures, keyboards and other rackmount accessories.
Computer Ruggedization Integration
Provides ruggedized and rack mount commercial off-the-shelf computer and peripherals for harsh military environments and industrial applications.
Contec Microelectronics
Manufacturers of industrial computers, single board computers, data acquisition boards and panel mount computers.
Crystal Group Inc.
Manufactures the smallest industrial computers in the world that provide superior performance and reliability for telephony and network server applications.
CSS Laboratories, Inc.
Designs and manufacturers rackmount and workstation computers for industrial and military applications.
Digital Dynamics, Inc.
designs and manufactures rugged, continuous-duty, high-confidence industrial computer and control systems.
Digital Systems Engineering, Inc (DSE)
Engineers and manufactures PCs for harsh duty industrial environments suitable for factory floor use as well as outdoors.
Digital Technology, Inc
Serves the industrial computer and automation markets with flat panel, rackmounted and embedded PCs.
Diversified Technology, Inc.
Designs and manufactures single board computers, low profile platforms, and industrial rackmount computers.
Edex Technology Sdn. Bhd.
Provides industrial computers and servers.
Industrial computer systems using VME bus and Compact PCI.
F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
German based supplier of hardware and software for industrial and embedded applications.
Fairchild Ltd.
Full range of advanced web-servers and industrial computers.
Galleon Systems Limited
Protective computer enclosures and PC cabinets for workstations.
Glacier Computer
Designs and markets industrial computer systems for environments that require durability and ease of use.
Global American Inc.
Provides single board computers, backplanes, rackmount chassis, wallmount chassis, and panel PCs for industrial computer solutions.
IBT Technologies Inc.
Designs and manufactures full line of industrial SBC products, custom rackmount systems and servers.
IBUS Corp.
Supplier of industrial grade computers and power conditioning products. From entry level systems to fault tolerant high reliability platforms.
ICP Global Pty. Ltd.
Supplier of industrial computer equipment in Australia.
Manufacturer and seller of industrial computers, rack mount systems, panel mount pcs, LCD monitors, industrial terminals, rugged keyboards, barcode and RF products.
Industrial Computer Systems
Manufacturers of industrial rackmount computer systems using single board computers, passive and active backplanes and peripherals including industrial displays and keyboards.
Industrial Computers, Inc.
Manufacturer of thin client terminals, flat panel monitors, computers, and kiosks. Also provide custom solutions, enclosures, touch screens, and integration services.
Industrial Computing Inc.
Offering industrial lcd monitors and industrial systems and rugged laptop computers for heavy industrial customers and military.
Industrial PC Inc.
Rackmount, industrial computers, I/O products, PC/104, passive backplanes, single board computers and embedded PCs.
Interlogic Industries
Designs, manufactures and distributes rackmount Intel and AMD computer systems, workstations and servers, together with a complete range of flat panel LCD displays, keyboards and peripherals.
Offers a catalog and information retrieval system for industrial computers and automation facilities. Based in Germany.
Kolar Systems International
Provides network solutions and modular rack systems for various industries and applications.
Supplier of embedded computer, industrial pc, single board computers as well as rugged mobile computers.
Laversab Industrial Computers
Specialty retailer with computer cases designed to be rugged, portable and waterproof.
Logic Supply, Inc.
Provides special-purpose computer hardware and engineering services optimized for the industrial and commercial markets. South Burlington, Vermont, USA.
MCH Systems
Manufacturers mission critical, high availability and rugged systems.
MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH
Manufacturer of industrial and embedded VME bus and Compact PCI boards and systems.
Meta Technical Sales
Manufacturers representatives selling embedded processors, fieldbus products, Nema rated systems, VME bus, instrumentation and signal conditioning.
Modular Industrial Solutions
Manufacturing and integration of all levels of PC-compatible industrial computer products.
Nagasaki Tech.
Provider of rackmount chassis, industrial PCs and embedded boards.
Option Industrial Computers
Designs and manufactures industrial PC, rugged portable lunchbox computer, industrial LCD monitor, and industrial sealed keyboard for military, automation, data acquisition and instrumentation applications.
Orbit Micro
Offers of industrial PCs (IPC), and in particular, single board computers (SBC).
PCW Microsystems, Inc.
Manufacturing high performance rackmount servers and workstations for Colocation, ISP and Webhosting companies.
Portwell Technology, Inc.
Offers applied computing solutions with SBC, rackmount chassis, PSU, panel PCs, network appliances, CTI platforms and RAID subsystems.
Quarndon Electronics Ltd.
Distributor of industrial PCs, VME systems, wireless communication products, and serial communications cards.
Rackmount Computers
Builds industrial computer systems for the scientific and engineering fields. Offers a wide variety of rack mount peripherals.
Rackmount Mart
Rackmount Chassis and Rackmount TFT LCD monitor supplier, distributor and online retailer.
Rackmount Net
Products include rackmount chassis, rackmount lcd monitor, riser card, power supplies, and accessories.
RDP Health
Design and build rugged flat panel displays for industrial environments.
Rittal GmbH & Co. KG
Offers a complete solution for industrial enclosures, Racks, system climate control, power distribution and terminal systems.
Rockwell Automation
Manufactures rugged industrial flat panel monitors, CRTs, and industrial computers for use in factory automation applications.
Rugged Systems Ltd.
Supplies and services specialised and ruggedised computers, test systems, and associated products for the military and commercial market. UK based.
SAE-Stahl GmbH
Produces operating systems for variety of special purpose requirements. Includes panels for use in hazardous areas and on board ships.
Sliger Designs
Design and manufacturing company specializing in rugged computer enclosures, data storage enclosures, and fully integrated systems.
Small PC Computers
Manufacturer of small and rugged industrial computers, industrial LCD monitors and touch screens, compact LCD-PCs, and rugged keyboards.
Stealth Computer Corp.
Manufacturer of industrial grade systems and peripherals. Includes rackmount PCs, flat panel monitors, weatherproof keyboards, and rugged notebooks
Systems Integration Plus, Inc.
Embedded computer hardware packaging, integration and software specialists. Includes experience with military, industrial and rugged environments utilizing VME, cPCI, PCI and VXI.
Tactical Computing Solutions
Provides ruggedized, military and industrial computing products and services.
Offers industrial PC (IPC), single board computers (SBC), CPU boards, rack-mount equipment and chassis, and embedded control software products.
Provides industrial PCs and rackmount servers.
Technology Advancement Group
Mission-critical, fault tolerant servers and high-end workstations and redundant RAID storage systems.
Total Control Solutions
Provides integrated systems and displays, LCD monitors custom industrial PC solutions, and interactive media technology.
Designs and manufactures industrial panel and rack mount computers.
TRI MAP International, Inc.
Manufacturer of industrial grade rackmount and desktop computers.
TRS Fieldbus Systems, Inc.
System of ultra rugged industrial PCs, PLCs embedded in PCs, PC to fieldbus interfaces and a full line one I/O-system for all major field buses.
Universal Computer Systems
Sells industrial components for automation, network and embedded computing, Web appliances, and servers.
Provides industrial computers, workstations, NAS and LCD panel computers.
VarTech Systems
Flat panel LCD and CRT monitors for industrial environments.
VersaLogic Corporation
A provider of industrial computers for embedded control and industrial control applications.
Vox Technologies
Industrial computer supplier, designer and integrator with sales, consulting, technical support, testing and assembly.

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