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19 FAQ 1/2
This article was archived around: 17 Jan 1998. FAQ 2/2
This article was archived around: 17 Jan 1998.
Computer and Communications
Collection of computer and communications businesses on the Internet. The directory is maintained by staff at the University of California's Lawrence Livermores National Laboratory.
Evolving FAQ/Reference for, Part 1/2
Answers to frequently asked questions for Part 1 of 2
The Home of iSCSI Knowledge
Central repository of iSCSI information for the engineer, manager, or technical marketer.
How Stuff Works: How Magnetic RAM Will Work
Article explains how Magnetic RAM could replace both dynamic RAM and Flash memory, and eliminate the boot up process.
iSCSI Storage
E-zine dedicated to information about storage over the internet. Provides news, experts, and discussion of IP SANs, NAS (Network attached storage), RAID, IP routers, storage management.
High performance SCSI and RAID: What is RAID.
Network Buyer's Guide
Provides pre-purchase information on products from the computer storage and networking industry. Consists of product listings, technical papers, news sources, reference information, and training services.
Parallel Data Lab RAID Tutorial
Tutorial by Dr. Garth Gibson on RAID at SIGMOD95 and ISCA95.
Strategies for partitioning a hard drive.
Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID)
Tutorial with online tools for storage efficiency and reliability calculation.
SAN / NAS / CIM / Storage Information
Complete information covering all aspects of Computer Storage.
Storage Cornucopia
Links for SCSI, optical storage, Windows NT, UNIX and embedded systems.
Storage Management Resource Site
Searchable archives of ADSM list archives from 1993 to current.
Storage Newsletter
Unique monthly news report on the worldwide magnetic and optical, disk and tape industry.
Storage Search
Tracks the top 1,000 storage companies from birth to death and related storage technologies and markets.
The Storage-Specific Search Engine
For Storage professionals and managers. Focused search capabilities, relevant links, editorial content, industry and technology tips via e-mail.
Not-for-profit the THIC organization started out as a round-table group convened by the US Department of Defense to bring together vendors, manufacturers and users at the leading edge of recording technology, but quickly became a public forum.
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