Storage retailers sell storage products directly to the end user. Products include hard drives, tape drives and optical products.

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American Digital
Blank media, hardware and accessories. Analog, DAT and CD-R.
ARKAY Storage Solutions, Inc.
Provider of open systems data storage solutions.
Hard drives for notebook and laptop computers.
Tape drive solutions. Buy, sell and repair DLT, AIT, 3490, 3490E, Exabyte and DAT drives and libraries.
CD ROM, Inc.
Offering optical storage products. DVD, DVD-Recordable, CD-ROM, CD-Recordable, media, towers, jukeboxes, and replication services.
CD-Cola Company Limited
Manufactures compact discs for audio and video.
Supplies needed to produce and distribute CD and DVD disks, CD-R or CD-RW, DVD-R or DVD-RAM media.
Sells optical media, burners and accessories for digital cameras and printers. Based in California.
Com5 Limited
Manufacturer and distributor of data storage peripherals to the IT trade. Based in Southampton, UK.
Computer Ultra
Wholesale and distribution in Canada for blank media.
Cyperceptions Digital Solutions
Provider of data distribution and storage products including CD-R, CD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD RAM, duplicators, printers, and drives. Data distribution services via internet/CD-ROM.
Data Devices International, Inc.
Offers media maintenance and sales for degaussers, CD duplication, video and computer tape cleaners and certifiers.
DataCity, Inc.
Sells off the shelf hardware products and also provide in-depth technical consulting.
Provider of media solutions in Santa Clara, California.
Digital Loggers
Sells hard disk drives, SCSI peripherals, tape drives and controllers.
Disk-O-Tape, Inc.
Offers a complete line of data storage media.
Electrovalue Technologies Inc
9 track tape drive packages for use with a PC.
Eurosimm specialise in the global distribution of computer memory, hard drives, Compaq servers and Compaq options.
Buys and sells used CNC lathes, vertical machining centers and horizontal machining centers.
Global Micro, Inc
Offers a line of mass storage and disk array products, hard to find parts, custom built desktop and file server systems, and web design and programming services.
Granite Digital
Manufactures and sells FireWire, SATA, USB, IDE, SCSI and RAID Storage and Backup Systems plus Bridge Boards, Cables, Components and Accessories.
Info X
Sells hubs, switches, host bus adapters, and accessories.
Interactive Media Corp.
Provider of innovative portable storage devices and multimedia, including hard drives CD-RWs, CD-ROMs, CD and duplicators.
KDS Disk Drives, Inc.
Sells hard drives and tape drives.
LTW Systems
Recordable media and memory, plus compatible ink cartridges.
Offers a line of PC Cards and Flash storage solutions including ATA Flash, CompactFlash, SmartMedia, SRAM, IDE Flash, Linear Flash, Industrial SRAM, PC Card hard drives and accessories.
Media Supply
Sells optical hardware and accessories including CD and DVD burners, CDR printers. Also sells media and offers CDR business card duplication and printing.
Micro Technologies
Carrying a full line of optical drives, tape drives and mass storage devices.
Microland Electronics
High-end systems, storage products, and a wide range of brand name peripherals and add-on controllers.
P.H. Equipment Co.
Provides IDE and SCSI hard drives by mail order. Large selection. Located in Sulphur Springs, Tx.
Online computer hardware store specialising in DVD authoring systems, MPEG encoding hardware and turnkey professional video editing suites and cameras.
Rackmount Solutions
Provides rackmount and LAN storage cabinets, racks, wall mount and portable storage solutions.
Summation Technology LLC
Provides CD and DVD duplicators, printers, and supplies.
Manufacturer of media packaging and blank media, supply auto machine packing grade packagings.
SW Network
Selling various brands of blank CDRs and CDRWs.
Supplies USB pen and hard drives, card readers, and hubs.
Vector & Scalar Products Limited (VSPL)
Computer systems reseller based in Marlow, UK. Specialise in RAID storage and ruggedised/rackmount solutions.
Western Digital Store
Sells hard drives direct from the manufacturer.
Document imaging and mass storage solutions. Offers wide range of products from CD-ROM/DVD drives to file management.
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