Technology reference material for CD and DVD drives and media: how they work, terminology and industry standards.

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Andy McFadden's CD-Recordable FAQ
The standard FAQ for CD-R and CD-RW. Besides general questions and answers, its major sections cover encoding, media, hardware, software and common problems. Updated monthly.
CD Information Center
General information source with links and a few articles about the CD and DVD industry. Includes an CD bibliography.
CD Media Resource Center
A guide to audio and data CD media technology. Includes a discussion of the influence of laser wavelength on track geometry, and also covers encoding (EFM, parity, subcode channels), capacity analysis and data structures.
CD Media World
News and technology articles related to writable CDs. Includes a list of CD-R dye types and manufacturers, and a reference list of CD-writing software.
CD Speed
Has essential tools for CD/DVD drive and media quality control and a good explanation of CAV, CLV, Z-CLV and P-CAV technology.
Website that contains news and announcements of new products, reviews and articles.
Website that offers news and reviews on CD-R and DVD drives, mainly focused on hardware.
DVD Audio Conference Coverage and FAQ
Article on DVD Audio that dispels many myths about the DVD-A multi-channel audio format.
DVD Forum
This is the primary industry association for DVD. Site resources include technology briefs, conference schedules and news archives.
DVD-R Authoring Vs. General Media: What's the difference
Document that explains the differences between DVD-R authoring and General DVD media.
DVDR Digest
Website that offers articles and software about DVD recording.
General CD-R archives
Archive of lots of questions and answers regarding CD-R and related technologies, both hardware and software.
How Stuff Works: CD-RW drive
Explanation of the technology of CD-RW drives, contains interactive flash animations.
How Stuff Works: Compact Disc
Detailed descriptions and animations explain the technology used in a compact disc.
How Stuff Works: DVDs
An illustrated explanation of the technology behind DVD media and players. It includes some animations.
Jim Taylor's DVD FAQ
The official FAQ of the Internet DVD newsgroups. Its primary emphasis is on video, but there is a section on data DVDs that describes each format.
LP to CDR Tips
Page of notes describing the author's experience of transferring LPs to CDR over the last few years, with particular emphasis on the restoration of WAV files on hard disk.
OSTA - Optical Storage Technology Association
OSTA is an industry group promoting use of writable optical storage technology. This is the home of the Universal Disc Format (UDF) specification and other technology references.
PC Tech Guide: CD-R/CD-RW
The technology behind the recordable CD.
Recording to CD: More than Meets the Ear
This article includes an description of the physical structure and encoding of data on CDs. It covers the frame and block levels including EFM, interleaving and subcode channels.
Video Help
Contains information on how to make VideoCDs, SVCDs or DVDs that can be played on your standalone DVD Player from video sources like DVD, Video, TV, Cam or downloaded movie clips like DivX, MOV, RM, WMV and ASF. Has also a list of standalone DVD Players with compatibility information such as CD-R/W, DVD±R/W, VCD, SVCD, and MP3.
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