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Data storage service companies provide businesses with solutions for storing, moving and managing data.

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ABC-US, Inc.
Network security and data management solutions provider offering Radware, ICS and DAX product lines.
Acronova Technology, Inc.
Developer and manufacturer of automated CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray disc loading equipment including duplicators, rippers, printers and software.
Agility Recovery Solutions
Offering business continuity with disaster preparedness and recovery plans.
Provides digital archiving for business and industry, non-profit organizations, and cultural institutions. Paynesville, MN.
Arraid, Inc.
Provides data storage for mid-size, legacy computer systems. Also provides disk, tape and floppy drive emulation products.
Provides mass storage and web hosting services on high bandwidth networks at colocation facilities.
Value-added distributor and reseller of document imaging and mass storage products and services.
CRU Acquisition Group, LLC
Provides products for RAID, JBOD, SAN and NAS, large and small, fixed and removable desktop applications.
Data Distributing LLC
Offers storage such as DVD, CD, optical and tape libraries, drives and media. Provides storage needs analysis, third party archive management software, service and warranty contracts.
Designs, builds, and supports information storage architectures. (SAN, NAS, HA)
Datum Technologies Pte. Ltd.
Systems integration and consultancy. Quality solutions for data interchange, archival, backup and automation with a range of technologies including QIC/SLR, MLR, Travan, 4mm, 8mm, DLT, 9-track, 3480/3490/3490E.
Esdebe Consultancy Ltd
British-based company offering consultancy in data storage, data availability, backup and recovery solutions and operating systems support.
Federal Edge
Providing government customers technical and visual computing, storage, back-up and data availability solutions.
Global Data Vault Corporation
A provider of secure automated online data storage, backup and recovery services.
Grande Vitesse Systems
Supplier of central server based workflow control systems. Products include high-end media servers, RAID systems, workstations, and archival systems.
InfraStor Technologies Corp.
New Jersey based integrator of storage area networks and storage solutions for enterprise and workgroup computing. Consultation, design services, and implementation of leading-edge storage technology.
Offers cloud archiving, hardware archiving and virtual appliance email archiving solutions.
Systems integrator providing data storage, high availability, networking and computing solutions.
Nth Generation
Focuses on enterprise storage and backup.
Park Place International
A third-party supplier of new and refurbished EMC and Data General equipment. Offers services and consulting in data storage and document management.
Restore Document Management
Full service document management company with facility for both off-site storage and records retention.
Off site storage for backup and archival computer media.
Storage Access
Data storage management solutions and services.

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