FPGA project consultants, generally paid, starting from G to Z
Abaxor Engineering GmbH
FPGA design and electronic development. Offers comprehensive service from conception, circuit design, simulation and implementation.
Abineau Communications
Designers of radio and baseband technologies for digital communication.
Offers designs in digital broadcasting, picture and sound processing, and wireless access networks.
Adapticom Inc.
Design and fabrication of electronic/computer hardware, specializing in the creation of data collection tools, custom high speed 100mhz digital designs using both discrete logic and FPGAs.
Provides on-site and turn-key FPGA design services. Works closely with Altera and Xilinx.
Andraka Consulting Group, Inc
Digital hardware design firm that concentrates on FPGA projects. xilinx experts.
Provides FPGA and ASIC design services as well as many IP cores.
Aspen Logic
Provides FPGA logic consulting/contract services to companies across the world. Projecst in VHDL, Verilog for Xilinx and Altera.
FPGA and ASIC design, high-speed board-level, EMI, embedded software and mechanical design. Based in Denmark.
Coral9 Consulting
FPGA and embedded design consulting services. FPGA based design, validation and training.
Offers system-on-chip design services for telecom and consumer electronics applications.
Electronic Sales & Consulting GmbH
System architecture consulting, solution finding, design methodology, design services and VHDL / FPGA tools training.
Enterpoint Ltd
Provides consultancy and design services in FPGA and CPLD technologies. They are Xilinx's Xperts consultants but also provide services for Altera, Actel, Cypress and Lattice Products.
Digital systems and software consulting company.
Interface Masters, Inc
Full service embedded system design and development.
Korusys Ltd
A UK based electronics systems design and consultancy services provider.
Logic Crafters
Technical consulting group specialized in FPGA design and real-time embedded software.
LSF Desing
Provides FPGA and board design consulting to a variety of existing and emerging technology companies.
Mistral Solutions
Designs, builds and deploys customized FPGA based solutions that integrate custom software and hardware engineering.
Delivering FPGA centric high performance reconfigurable computers. As a Xilinx Diamond Partner with DIME2 modular system they can offer FPGA based solutions and systems.
North Pole Engineering
Consultants providing FPGA, high speed memory controllers, smart I/O interface devices, high speed smart DMA controllers.
Polybus Systems Corp
Designs and develops computer related hardware and software including FPGA design and development, VHDL and Verilog design, simulation and synthesys and PCI board development.
Offers a range of products, services and consultancy for embedded DSP and FPGA based applications.
Shax Engineering and Systems
Offers an integrated system design, hardware development, and FPGA/ASIC synthesis, verification, and implementation services.
Simba HPC
Suppliers of high performance custom computing solutions for digital signal processing and computer modelling.
So-logic GmbH Co KG
Centered in the fields of electronic consulting, development and training for technical applications.
SynthWorks Design Inc.
Provides hands-on, how-to VHDL training with a focus on hardware ASIC, FPGA, and system design and test.
FPGA and Asic designs.
Tentmaker Systems Consulting Group
FPGA design service consulting firm. FPGA-centric custom boards and ASIC evaluation over FPGA
Verien Design Group
Providing services in complex FPGA development and board design for a wide variety of products and markets.
Vreelin Engineering Inc.
Develops complete IP solutions for Altera and Xilinx FPGAs.
Electronic company focused on FPGA design development.
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