A device used to input graphic images into the computer. Scanners look at or "scan" a piece of paper and put the images's information into digital form. Scanners come in three basic types: flat bed, sheet-fed and drum. They can also come as one part of a multifunction device that prints, copies, faxes and scans. Not covered in this category are barcode-scanners, radio frequency scanners, light scanners for stage/concert application and scanner software.

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A Few Scanning Tips
Overview of all aspects of scanning including hardware and software.
AGX Holdings Ltd
Retailer of flatbed and slide scanners plus associated software. [United Kingdom]
Australian Interactive Multimedia
Supplier of scanners and printers from barcode to flatbed. Features reviews of many products. [Australia]
Aztek Inc.
Presents the product line of drum scanners and desktop flatbed scanners. [USA]
Epson - USA
Information about the current scanners offerings from Epson. [USA]
Graphic Quality Consultancy
Colour Management and high-end scanner information and tips, particularly for Crosfield and Fuji. [United Kingdom]
Hewlett Packard - USA
Offers information about the products as well as bundled software, support, ordering information, and software demos. [USA]
Itek Colour Graphics Ltd.
Produces and refurbishes high resolution drum scanners.[United Kingdom]
Microtek International Inc.
Manufacturer of consumer and professional desktop, film- and document scanners.
Nikon Electronic Imaging Division
Manufacturer of film scanners.
Pacific Image
Designer and manufacturer of color desktop scanners. Online purchases, technical support, and software downloads available.
Manufacturer of professional scanners with 48bit resolution and color management solutions. [FR]
Scanner Galaxy
Retailers of scanners and accessories. [USA]
Spectral Masters, Inc.
Proof-of-concept for new scanning technology, which captures documents in native CIE-LAB color space, instead of RGB. [USA]
Both professional and consumer level scan products. Order online or locate a dealer by geography.
UMAX Australia
Site has the full range of UMAX scanners as well as support and on-line orders for driver CDs. [Australia]
Designs and markets both flatbed and sheet feed scanners. Purchase online, or browse third-party scanning solutions software. [USA]

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