A series of switches, arranged somewhat like a standard "QWERTY" typewriter that allows you to send information to a computer. There is no such animal as a "standard" computer keyboard.

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Access IS
Manufactures and distributes custom, programmable, POS and integrated keyboards, MSR, MICR, OCR, and bar code readers.
Develops handheld USB computer keyboards for comfortable, high-speed, desk-free typing and gaming for Windows, Linux and Macs.
Amkette Smart Bluetooth Keyboard
An auxiliary input device for tablets and smartphones, compatible with Android and iOS.
Offers gaming keyboards, mice and accesoires.
BeeRaider Keyboard
Offers ergonomic keyboards with circular key placements.
Bytec Embedded Ltd
Designers and manufacturers of standard and custom rugged keyboards and control panel systems.
Cedeq Industries
Manufacturer of programmable touchpads for USB, din5, or din6 ports.
German-based producer. Offers multimedia and office keyboards.
Specializes in computer keyboard and mouse manufacturing.
CKS Solutions Limited
Rugged industrial keyboards suitable for use in kiosks and other harsh environments.
Sells new and vintage models of the IBM model M keyboard, also known as "buckling spring keyboard" based on the design of mechanical typewriters.
Computer Lab International
Provides buckling spring mechanical keyboards for AS/400 and Mainframe terminals.
Cortron, Inc.
Industrial and rugged keyboards for demanding applications.
Crystal Visions Technology
Space saving keyboards and pointing devices, including notebook style with integrated touchpad.
CSI Keyboards, Inc.
Providing custom designed membrane switches, silcone rubber keypads, and elastomeric keypads.
Das Keyboard
Produces keyboards for home usage. Website contains JavaScript clone of Asteroids game.
DataCal Enterprises
Manufactures custom keyboards, custom printed keys, keycaps and overlays, and software templates.
DataHand Systems, Inc.
Provides an ergonomic keyboard and mouse replacement to reduce the effects of repetitive strain disorder.
Deck Keyboards
Backlit and illuminated keyboards for gaming and home use.
Diatec Corporation
Offers full-size and tenkeyless keyboards in wired and wireless models, including Filco Majestouch. Also offers accessories.
Digimore Electronics Co., Ltd
Developers of keyboard controller/encoder modules, keyboard modules, keyboards and keypads.
DS International, Inc.
Specializes in the design and production of keyboards and keypads.
Editors Keys
Providing editing keyboards for Premiere, Photoshop and other programs.
Single handed keyboard for Macs, Windows, Unix. Does everything a standard keyboard can do with just 12 keys.
Electrone Americas Ltd Co.
Providers of mini keyboards, self service kiosks, programmable keyboards, numeric keypads and custom build and customized IT products.
Electronic Keyboards Inc.
Manufacture NEMA 4 industrial keyboards to fit your application, in number of keys, key text, hot keys, and color with no tooling charge for from one up.
Electronic Trade Solutions
Offers a range of secure keyboards and PIN pads designed to be PED and EMV compliant.
Mechanical keyboards for home and business use. The website contains pictures and reviews describing device capabilities (including charts and schemes).
Manufactrues custom-designed touch screens, rugged and medical keyboards, keypads, and switch panels.
Chinese manufacturer of computer accessories, including keyboards, mouses and headphones.
Falcon Bluetooth Keyboard
An ergonomic keyboard with mouse simulation.
FB Peripherals
Offers rugged keyboards, pointing devices and trackballs.
Fentek Industries
Custom, standard, and ergonomic keyboards and keytop labels.
Focus Electronic Co., Ltd.
Manufacturers computer keyboards specializing in radio wireless keyboards and multimedia and Internet keyboards.
Manufactures numeric keypads, function keypads, specialty keyboards and other computer input devices.
A keyboard with emoticons to talk on instant messaging conveniently. The first toy for instant messaging
IKBS - International Keyboard Solutions
Custom made computer & laptop keyboards, multi language keyboards, large print keyboard, add language on cell phone keypads, gaming & software keyboards.
Manufactures a complete line of industrial keyboards and pointing devices that survive in dirty, dusty, and washdown environments.
A manufacturer of special keyboards for industrial, medical and commercial applications.
Industrial metal keyboard supplier. Provides stainless steel waterproof devices.
Company supplies keyboard protectors and notebook protectors for use in commercial, industrial and hospital environments.
Intolect Ltd.
Suppliers of specialist keyboards and keypads. Also offers keyboards with smart card readers and biometric security.
Kador Ltd.
Manufacturer and supplier of safety and security products
Keyboard Bumps
Offers silicone stickers that guide fingers to the right keys without looking.
The Keyboard Company
Suppliers of computer keyboards and keyboard accessories, specialty large print keyboards, children's and educational keyboards, international language products, keyboard replacement stickers, and custom keys.
The Keyboard Company
Produce a variety of computer keyboards, including IBM Model M mechanical keyboards, also known as "buckling spring keyboards".
Keyboard Specialists Ltd
Specialists in the supply and manufacture of professional computer keyboards and input devices for industry, medicine, retail POS, government and education.
Keyed Up Labs
Produces office-style mechanical keyboards.
Supplier of replacement keys for laptop keyboards. Laptop keyboard repair for Acer, Apple, Compaq, Dell, Sony, Gateway, HP, IBM, Lenovo, and Toshiba.
Provides replacement keys for laptops.
Latkey Ltd.
Keyboard stickers for multiple languages in different colors. Glowing stickers. Language overlays.
Man & Machine
Sells medical grade, hygienic, waterproof keyboards and mice for medical, industrial and educational use.
Mechanical keyboard enthusiast blog with reviews, articles, switch guides, and the latest news in the industry.
Specially developed glowing keyboard stickers for computer users who travel on dark airplanes, or work under dimly lit conditions or power outages.
Operator Interface Technology
Manufacturer of rugged keypad and rugged keyboards
Phenix Technologie
Transparent adhesive keyboard stickers for a number of language character sets.
ProtecT Keyboard Covers
Custom manufacture keyboard covers for almost all makes and models of keyboards.
Replacement Laptop Keys
Supplier of laptop keyboard keys and replacement keys for a wide range of laptop computer brands.
Royal Galaxy Ltd
Sells a variety of transparent and non-transparent multilingual keyboard stickers.
Russian Keyboard Co.
Suppliers of Russian language computer keyboards to linguists. Russian Keyboards have dual English/Cyrillic key layouts.
SafeType Ergonomic Keyboard
Places the user in a position that is orthopedically neutral and cannot be adjusted improperly by the user.
Signature Plastics
Order replacement keycaps and custom computer keyboard keycaps direct from the manufacturer.
Smart Keyboard Solutions
Offers custom keyboard accessories including stickers, covers, custom logo labels and color keys.
Keyboard layouts and labels for different languages and for professional software use, online retail store.
Sunrex Technology Co. Ltd
OEM notebook keyboards.
Custom keysets, keyboards, keytop overlays, foreign language overlays, Dvorak keyboards, templates and keyboard protectors.
TG3 Electronics
Custom keyboards, LED backlit illuminated keyboards, industrial control panels, and medical keyboards.
Produces mechanical keyboards for home and office use.
Unicomp Keyboards
Manufacturers of IBM style mechanical keyboards with buckling springs. Includes an online keyboard configuration tool.

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