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ABV Cables
Manufacturer of SATA, IDE and power PC cables. Located in China.
Acoustic Zen
Manufacturer of audio, video, digital and power cord cable products. California, United States
Addison Technology
Manufacturer of fibre optic, coaxial and multipair data cables, OMS cabling systems. Representatives located in USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, China and Singapore.
ATL Technology
Manufacturer of coax, fiber optic, multi-pair, microphone and telephone cables. Located in China.
Aural Symphonics
Manufacturer of video, power, digital, optical and audio cables. Arizona, United States
AWC - Allied Wire And Cable
Stocking distributor and manufacturer of electronic and electrical wire and cable, tubing and cable assemblies. Custom cable design services. Located in the USA.
Cable Master Electric Wire and Cable Company.
Manufacturer of Cat5e, Cat5 and Cat6 cable. Taiwan.
CCX Corp
Cable and connector manufacture, specializing in internal and external SCSI cables, terminators, Cisco cables and wire harness. Located in Colorado.
Designs and produces cables for enterprise, HFC broadband, and carrier applications. Offers coax, fiber optic, twisted pair and hybrid cables manufactured to exacting standards.
Components Express, Inc.
Manufacturer of custom cable products, network patch panels and electronic components vendor. Woodbridge, Illinois, United States.
Computer Cable Makers, Inc.
The source for SCSI-1, SCSI-2, SCSI-3, SCSI adapters, CAT-5 and fiber. Located in Sacramento, California.
Cable supplier and manufacturer for computers, networking, and telecommunications.
Control Cable
Manufacturer of standard and custom cable assemblies, bulk cable, data cabinets and enclosures, cable management and premises wiring products.
Datacom Link
Distributor of computer cables and custom cabling.
DataPro International, Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of panel-mount cables, custom faceplates, DVI cables and switches for computers. Located in Seattle, Washington.
DTT - Data Termination Technology
Computer networking cables, network cabling, testing equipment, tools and accessories supplier. Located in the United Kingdom.
East-Mint Marketing
One-stop shop for LT power, MV, copper and fiber optic cables, customized wires and cables based on customers specifications. Located in Singapore and Malaysia.
EFB Elektronik
Manufacturer of optical fiber and copper cables. Germany
Eminence Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of signal cables, connectors, adaptors and wire harnesses for notebook PCs. Located in Taiwan.
Evergreen Communications Inc
Manufacturer of fibre optic cable assemblies and related devices. Based in the U.A.E.
Exfiber Optical Technologies Limited
Manufacturer and distributor of fiber optic cables and fiber optic components, located in Hangzhou, China.
Assembles custom cable and wire assemblies for industrial and automation OEMs.
Fu-Yao Technology Co., Ltd.
Manufacturers computer cables, connectors and peripherals. Located in Taiwan.
Fuyu Electric Co., Ltd
Producer of power cord power supply cord. China.
Gem Cable Services
Manufacturer of custom cable assemblies offering a range of products compatible with multicore, CAT 5, D-type and BNC cabling. Co-axial and copper assemblies, fibre components and assemblies. Located in the United Kingdom.
General Cable
Manufacturer of copper, aluminum and fiber optic wire and cable products for the energy, industrial, specialty and communications markets.
GoodWang International Company
Manufacturer of video, voice and computer cables. Based in Asia.
Provides cable assemblies and connectors solutions for OEMs in computer, telecom, medical and instrumentation markets. Located in Berkshire, UK and Taiwan.
Ho-Base Technology Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer of cable assemblies, terminal housing, wafers, USB and moulding cable series. Located in Taiwan.
Holly Hand Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of HDMI cables and adaptors, monitor, SCART, SCSI, IEEE 1284, USB, IEE1394, LAN, PCMCIA, simplex and duplex fiber cables. Located in China, Taiwan, Hong-Kong and USA.
Huihong Technologies
Manufacturer of fiber optic cable assemblies and equipment. Located in China.
I2C & USB Cables
Manufacturers cables for USB and I2C busses. Located in Taiwan.
Infini Fiber Optic Cable, Inc
Manufacturer of fiber optic cables and fiber optic components. Based in Canada, manufactures in China.
IO Comcept
Manufacturer of USB, IEEE 1394, category 5E/6 networking cables, KVM, DVI/HDMI, serial and parallel cables, iPod accessories. Located in California, USA.
Manufacturer of Cat.5e/6 and fiber optic cables, jacks, plugs and wireless devices.
Lex Tec Inc.
Manufacturer and wholesale distributor of computer cables and hardware connectivity products, premise wiring, and UPS battery replacements. Located in Canada.
Manufacturer of copper and fiber optic cables for computer, networking, and audio/video applications.
Lynn Products, Inc.
Manufacture cable assemblies for the OEM computer industry. Custom and standard assemblies for SCSI, 1394, USB, PCMCIA, Infiniband, multimedia, CE and other industries. Located in California.
Mccaltek Computer Accessories
Manufacturer of data and fiber optic cabling. Also sells a variety of cables for standard and custom for CAT 5, SCSI, printer, terminators and ribbon.
Manufacturer and distributor of computer and network cables, KVM equipment and extenders, network accessories. Located in Hampshire, UK.
Manufacturers of high performance electrical and electronic cable assemblies, custom cable assemblies, connectors, and related interconnection products. Located in Ohio.
MSK Technology Corp.
Manufacturer of USB, IEEE 1394, LAN, SCSI, DVI and coaxial cables. Located in Taiwan and China.
Network Supply Inc.
Distribute and manufacture cable assemblies for both businesses and personal use. Rip-tie cable wrap, network cables CAT5E and CAT6, fiber optic cables. Located in Michigan.
Newnex Technology Corp.
Developer and supplier of USB and IEEE 1394 Firewire interconnection products. Located in California.
Nu Data
Manufacturer of custom fiber and copper cables, custom wiring harnesses, cable testers, connectors and network products. Located in Pennsylvania, USA.
OCP Group Inc.
Manufacturer of custom cables for computers, networking, medical, industrial, instrumentation and control applications.
A complete solution for RF cables, (microwave, semi-rigid and flexible) multiconductors, and custom cable assemblies.
Pan International
Manufacturer of cable, custom cabling and connectors. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan.
Cable especially focused on broadcast, telecom and multimedia applications. Based in Spain, export and technical information is available.
Phantom Cables
Manufacturer of audio and video cables for the retail and custom installation markets. Component video, composite, HDTV, dual channel audio, RGB, HDMI, DVI, SVGA, BNC, S-Video and digital coax cables. Located in Canada.
Precision Cable and Connector
Manufacturer of computer cables and connectivity products for all leading computer platforms and network types. Located in Oregon, USA.
Private Network Technologies
Manufacturers representatives focusing on cable plant products, structured wiring, installation and test equipment and tools and data communications. Located in New York, USA.
Ram Electronic Industries
Manufacturer and reseller of audio, video, and computer cables and connectivity equipment. Located in New Jersey, USA.
Remee Products Corporation
Full line manufacturer of communications wire and fiber optic cable.
Cabling that enhances signal fidelity and extends the life of copper cable for critical high bandwidth data transfer applications. Cables, connectors and terminators. Located in Connecticut (USA) and UK.
SR Components, Inc.
Computer cables, SCSI cables, and category 5 patch cable. Located in New York, USA.
Sunny Young Enterprise
Manufacturer of various connectors, wire harnesses and cable assemblies. Factories located in Taiwan and China.
Taiyoung Electronics
Manufacturer of monitor, computer and LAN cables in Korea.
Technical Cable Concepts
Manufactures unique and standard cable requirements for a range of different industries. Located in California, USA.
THM - Tung Hing Electric Wire Company Limited
Manufacturer of flat cables. Located in Hong Kong.
Manufacturer and distributor of SCSI and Fibre Channel cables, adapters, and terminators.
Videk Ltd
Manufacturers and distributors of computer cables and networking products. Located in UK.
Wave 2 Wave Solutions USA
Manufacturer of fiber patch cords , CAT 5,6e,7 cables, OEM fiber cables, patch panels, fiber connectors and accessories. Located in California, USA.
West Penn Wire
Manufactures a full line of low voltage electronic wire and cable. Lines range from low voltage twisted pair and broadcast and broadcast/precision video coaxial cable to high performance twisted pair for high frequency applications and high bandwidth optical fiber.
Wire World
Suppliers of wire and cable products. USA.
Wireworld Cables
Manufacturer of Audio and Video cables. Florida, United States
XLO Electric
Manufacturer of line-level audio interconnect, phono cable, 75 Ohm digital coax , speaker cable, AC power cord and accessories.
Y.C. Cable, Inc.
Manufactures USB and IEEE 1394 cables, fiber optic assemblies, OEM cable (Custom Cable Assemblies). Factories located in China and USA.
Yaosheng electric
Manufacturer of power cords and electrical cords. Extensive list of their products including specification sheets available.
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