Cartoon dolls are popular with teens as avatars in chat programs and as graphic signatures on discussion boards. Most of the dolls you see on websites began as simple building-block avatars on Palace chat servers. Now many doll enthusiasts create original dolls using paint programs, and make them available for adoption by others.

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Angel Creator
Drag and drop for creating angel dolls. Includes clothes and wings. Site may not be compatible with some browsers.
Autumn Pixels
Collection of dolls, bases and pixel art.
Badkittie Dollmakers
Offering doll makers, graphics, quotes.
Barananduen's Realm of Dreams
Offers a variety of cartoon dolls and bases, specializing in fantasy and male dolls. Made with MSPaint.
Candy Cane Heaven
Categories of preps, silents, celebrities, minis, and thugs.
Cartoon Doll Emporium
Offers many different cartoon doll makers, as well as an assortment of pre-made adoptable cartoon dolls.
Cartoon Dolls
Linkware some original other collected from the Internet.
Static and animated girls and guys, in standard and fantasy themes.
The Chocolate Factory
Cartoon dolls for adoption, dollmaker, horoscopes, banners, custom tag requests, chatterbox, and chatroom.
Clarissa's Place
Hand drawn dolls and doll bases.
Cristal Peach Dolls House
Assortment of cartoon dolls, Final Fantasy, Manga characters, fantasy, and zodiac.
Cuties Dollz
Wonderkins, minis, caption dolls, couples, links, and a doll maker.
Dawn'z Dollz
Preps, fairies, Goth, punk, and formal, with links to other doll sites and dollmakers.
Diva Chix
Online doll fashion gaming site. Bringing high end fashion right through to alternative styles. Create your own or shop in malls.
Doll Makers
Collection of popular characters' doll makers.
The Doll Palace
Cartoon dolls community host. State of the art dollmaker, huge collection of dolls. Contests, forum and a large amount of information.
Dollie Shoppe
Dollies in cars, Gothic, boyfriend and girlfriend and star dolls.
Links to doll makers. (Bilingual site Dutch and English.)
Dollz Mania
Featuring preps, minis, silents, wonders, goths, ravers, skaters, and fairies, as well as several drag and drop dollmakers. This site also has a password-protected member's only site, which showcases member's only dolls.
Dollz of the Valley
Includes blondes, redheads, guys, couples, and groups that have been collected on the web.
Dollzmaniacs' Rose Garden
A choice of dolls and bases. Includes doll makers.
Fahrlight's Dollz United
Collection of character dolls for adoption.
Ghetto Fabulous Dollz
Dollz of Color. It's like a fashion show.
Goldtassel's The Dollhouse
Original dolls, some animated, featuring blondes, brunettes, redheads, and mermaids. Paint Shop Pro tubes for the creation of dolls. Also a drop-and-drag doll creation.
House of Dolls
Dolls arranged in categories and projects.
Internet Påklædningsdukker
Cartoon dolls maker, by a new JavaScript available to nearly all browsers.
Kim's Wonderful World
Offers dolls, awards and contests.
Kokoro Reflections
Male and female character dollmaker and adoptable dolls.
Lanialle's Dolls
Dolls, links, and sister sites.
Mariiii's Dolls House
Offers hand drawn dolls, bases and pixel art, as well as tutorials to create them.
Mini cartoon dolls, mini dollmaker with lotsa props. Plus regular cartoon dolls and silents.
Mon's Dolls
Offers free cartoon dolls, bases and graphics.
Moomoochica's Dollz
Free fairies, minis, and preps dolls. Linkware backgrounds, doll adoption, and a doll maker.
Muffy's Dolls
Dolls arranged in categories of small, medium, large, and newest, body bases, tutorials for creating jeans and hair.
My Cartoon Dolls
Hello Kitty collection, uniques, divas, minis, and guys dolls and palace information.
Mystics Creations
Cartoon dolls, dollmakers and other doll-related graphics.
Nellz Dollz
Original cartoon dolls, base bodies, and layouts.
No More Pink
Doll makers and bases, avatars, wallpapers, dress-up games and coloring pages.
Paka's Palace
Collection of doll makers, dolls for adoption and related links. Includes the author's profile, computer safety tips and a page on gem mining in Franklin, NC.
Paragon's Dolls
Includes a number of unique dolls and bases for use.
Pixel by Pixel Productions
Free original dolls including casual, miscellaneous and bases. Note: May not support some browsers.
Platinum Dollz 77
Categorized dolls arranged in a variety of categories.
Rainbow Dollz
Features graphic cartoon dolls. Includes dollmaker, and links.
SakiMonkey's Splendid Site
Offering a doll creator, as well as pre-made cartoon dolls, also e-mail signature tags, calling cards, and animated snowglobes.
Sexsi's Dolls and Cars
Collection of dolls, premade dolls, and pictures of cars.
Shadow Cat's Cartoon Dollz
Original dolls including celebrity, male, female, family, and friends.
Silly Beans
Collection of dolls.
Skittlez Dollz
Dolls, doll maker, and blinkies.
Snowy Day
Collection dolls and original bases. Categorized by size.
Tay's Dollies
Includes silents, preps, flavas, minis, guys, and celebrities. Also free ids, graphics, html help, and donations.
Tidbits of Sweetness
Base bodies with examples and a gallery of art work not for adoption. Requests accepted for one doll per person.
United Blondies
Cartoon dolls including preps, Goths, punks, minis, guys, babies, and silents.
Veriria's Palace
Complete tutorials on how to create cartoon dolls from scratch, using Paint Shop Pro, or Microsoft paint; also includes doll creations, also now featuring paper doll drag and drops, and forums to ask for help and advice.
Vertical Descent
Dolls, awards, quizzes, links, and poetry.
Violablu Dot Com
Cartoon dolls and doll makers. Includes forum, adoptions, and help making dolls.
Weird Dream
Adoptions of fairy tail, mythical, and EverQuest cartoon dolls. The site designed for Internet Explorer.
Widdle Dolls
Customized dolls based on Everquest characters and bases.
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