This category is for sites relating to Cisco certification. This includes braindumps, general resources, practice tests and certification centers.

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Cisco: Learning & Events
Cisco Seminars, Events, Training, and Certification information directly from Cisco.
Ben's Bookmarks
Resources for certification students such as articles, routers, CCIE tips, CCNA books and study guides.
Provides CCIE lab rack rental and lab scenarios.
Sells Cisco hardware packages for students
Cisco CCIE Certification Blog
Blog discusses Cisco networking technologies, protocols and techniques.
Cisco CCNA Test Taking Tips
A "top ten" list of tips for people who are getting ready to take a CCNA exam. It was written for an older version of the test, but the tips still apply to the current CCNA exams.
Cisco Hands-on Training Video Podcast
Cisco router and switch configuration video tutorials. Videos cover beginning and intermediate router configuration.
Cisco Land
Sells Cisco training kits.
Community String
Blog discusses issues of Cisco training.
Configure Terminal
Provides a variety of training materials for Cisco certification exams.
Heinz Ulm's Training and Bootcamp
Tests, links, undocumented commands and magazines for lab preparation.
How To Network
Offers practice exams and study tools for Cisco CCNA and CCENT certifications.
Provides CCIE classes, video training, workbooks, and self-paced solutions to help candidates pass the CCIE lab.
Provides training for Cisco certifications. Details of courses, facilities, costs.
LanBase: Training
Online and corporate training provider.
MIMIC Virtual Lab
Training tool for Cisco certification exams that creates a virtual lab environment for practice with IOS.
Provider of Cisco certification training courses in UK.
Nik Makris's CCNA Study Notes
CCNA quick overview study notes by Nik Makris.
PacketLife Networking Cheat Sheets
Cisco-oriented networking cheat sheets (PDF format) formed primarily from CCNP study material.
Sunset Learning Institute
Offers online training on Cisco certification exams.
TCPmag: Surveys and Reviews
Provides information such as salary surveys and exam reviews on Cisco products and Cisco certification programs.
The Testing Center Experience
What to expect when you go to a testing center to take a Cisco exam.
Training Partners: Training Provider In Asia Pacific
Offers CCNA courses in the Asia Pacific region.
Wikipedia: Cisco Career Certifications
Encyclopedia article providing details on Cisco certification paths.
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