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Antenna House, Inc: Stylesheet Tutorial, Sample Files of Formatting Objects and Sample Stylesheets
Explains how to develop stylesheets for XML to XSL-FO transformation, provides sample XSL-FO files and stylesheets for XHTML to XSL-FO, XBRL to XSL-FO.
Jeni's XSLT Pages
Jeni Tennison is a very active XSLT community member. This page is her homepage for her many XSLT activities. With 25 tutorials/articles and 2 utilities for visitors.
XSLT Developer's Guide for MSXML from Microsoft.
Objects by Design - XSLT by Example
A tutorial on XSLT based on this site's XMI to HTML example. The code for the example is available for downloading and testing.
Objects by Design: XMI to HTML
Using XSL to transform an object-oriented design described in XMI (UML) to a browser-based HTML representation. Additional information on CSS is provided.
Pohlhaus, William - XSL Tips
Some helpful but uncommon XSL tips.
Stupid XSLT Tricks: Some Fun XSLT Examples
A stupid XSL trick is a use of XSLT for something unusual or amusing for which it wasn't necessarily designed. These tricks are intended for an audience that is learning XSLT and wishes do so by poking around in various less-explored corners. Paper includes three examples with full explanations.
XSL Concepts and Practical Use
A presentation, to present details of XSL and how it may be used.
XSL Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to frequently asked questions on XSL, XSLT. XML jargon explained, and how special characters are handled.
XSL The Extensible Style Language
Introductory tutorial by Norman Walsh (Web Techniques) giving examples of XSL with comparisons to CSS.
XSLT Reference
Complete XSLT reference with links to Interactive X Lab.
XSLT/XPath Training Material
Includes a free downloadable preview with helpful references. Purchase gives access to all future revisions.
Zvon XSL Tutorial
Interactive XSL training by examples.
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