Significant applications using or built on top of XML and XSL(T); typically created using DTDs and XML schemas. Applications in this sense meaning that XML and or XSL(T) is used (applied) to carry out the required task. Applications (in the sense of tools) which assist with the development or deployment of XML are listed in the Tools category. Resources such as directories or tutorials on creating DTDs to begin an XML application should be listed in Document_Types category. Each application listed, which has multiple sites is given its own category below this one. Applications which have a single site describing them are listed in the appropriate topical category. The sites listed at this level are applications with only one listing, directory and guide sites which provide coverage for multiple applications.

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AIML - Astronomical Instrument Markup Language
A version of the Instrument Markup Language (IML) for controlling astronomical instruments.
Citation Style Language
An XML-based language to describe the formatting of citations and bibliographies.
CML - Chemical Markup Language
Includes specification, sample code and examples, and discussion forum.
DARPA Markup Language (DAML+OIL)
DAML is being developed as an extension to XML and RDF. DAML+OIL provides a rich set of constructs with which to create ontologies and to markup information so that it is machine readable and understandable.
DITA - Darwin Information Typing Architecture
Architecture for creating and deploying modular technical information on varied platforms, from printed manuals to online helpsets to hierarchical information for small-screen devices.
Easy XML Editor
Offers comfortable and simplified editing of XML. XML representation as tree, editing using fields, restructuring tools, full text search results, table editing mode, auto completion assistance, export to HTML/CSV.
Extensible 3D (X3D)
Open standard XML application developed by the W3D Consortium as the successor to Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML 97).
GDML - Geometry Description Mark-up Language
Used to define geometrical description of complex systems.
How to Create Channel Definition Format (CDF) Files
Microsoft tutorial, explaining how CDF gives Web authors another way to organize their sites.
ISO 15022 XML
Replaces FIX and SWIFT messaging protocols as a single industry standard; prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC68, Banking, Securities and Related Financial Services, Sub-Committee SC4, Securities and Related Financial Instruments.
JSML - JSpeech Markup Language
A text format used by applications to annotate text input to speech synthesizers; derived from Java Speech API Markup Language.
Literature Markup Language
A collection of semantic element names for literature applications to be used with the role attribute of XHTML, SVG and other formats.
MCF - Meta Content Framework
A data model for describing information organization structures (metadata) for collections of networked information.
Molecular Dynamics Language
Provides simple constructs like atom, bond, molecule and TRANSLATE to mark up chemical simulation data.
NetBeans XML Project
Designed to add support for working with XML, DTD and CSS documents in NetBeans. Links, FAQs, developer's corner and downloads featured.
NewsML 1
An XML encoding for news which is intended to be used for the creation, transfer, delivery and archiving of news. By International Press Telecommunications Council. [XML-compliant browser required]
A single format for exchanging text, images, video, audio news and event or sports data - and packages thereof.
Used for sharing news articles, developed by the International Press Telecommunications Council. Because metadata is applied throughout the news content, NITF documents are more searchable and useful than HTML pages.
A DTD for vendor invoicing for oil and gas field operations.
Open Applications Group (OAGI)
Freely downloadable set of DTDs that define interfaces between business applications such as Purchasing, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Human Resources, and Financials, The context of the DTDs is fully explained in a document called OAGIS, which is also downloadable. Site run by an industry consortium.
OSD - Open Software Description Format
A vocabulary used for describing software packages and their dependencies. It is intended to be useful in automated software distribution environments.
P3P - Platform for Privacy Preferences 1.0 Specification
Enables Web sites to express their privacy practices in a standard format that can be retrieved automatically and interpreted easily by user agents.
Official specification document, FAQ, example recipes, and the DTD of the recipe markup language formerly known as Dessert.
A lightweight XML DTD and style sheets for the structuring of Resumes and Job Listings. (Working Draft)
TM-XML Working Group
Official site of the working group exchange and disseminate all information, examples, tools related to Trade Mark Extensible Markup Language.
UBL - Universal Business Language
An OASIS effort to create a synthesis of existing XML business document libraries into one universal business language.
VocML - Vocabulary Markup Language
DTD/Schema developed to support the structured representation of a wide range of Knowledge Organization Systems/Services (KOS).
XBEL - XML Bookmark Exchange Language
Document type for bookmark files, which can be used to exchange bookmarks between any browsers and also to publish them on the web. A conversion program is available.
xCBL - XML Common Business Library
A set of XML building blocks and a document framework that allows the creation of robust, reusable, XML documents to facilitate global trading, using SOX, XDR, and DTDs.
XGMML - Extensible Graph Markup and Modeling Language
An XML application based on GML which is used for graph description. Specifications, software, links to related sites.
XLDL Literature Description Language
An XML doctype for the storage of novels, stories, poems and related texts.
XML in Mozilla
This document provides an overview of the plans for XML in Mozilla. (Mozilla)
XMLSTATS: Using SportsML
Introduction to the SportsML standard, designed to provide a consistent format for sports scores and statistics.
XSPF: XML Shareable Playlist Format
Site of the playlist format created by the Xiph.Org Foundation. Includes the specification, a validator, and an application list.
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