HTML Reference and Resources. These sites provide history and in-depth reference to the HyperText Markup Language.

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Bare Bones Guide to HTML
A HTML tutorial with related links, FAQs page, and an list of HTML 4.0 tags with Netscape and Microsoft extensions.
Browser Test - iCab
A page of brief tests of several HTML 4.0 features. Both German and English text.
Cedge's HTML Cheats
A help site designed around cut and paste code sets. Good for the novice or the experienced web master.
Chami Tips
Tips, tricks and mini tutorials on HTML, JavaScript and other related topics.
A clear and quick reference to HTML symbol entities codes.
HTML 4 for the World Wide Web by Elizabeth Castro
Basic to intermediate HTML coding, including a color chart. Also information on CSS and browser extensions.
HTML Clinic
Tutorials, tag list, hexadecimal color coder, forms validator, meta tag generator and a help forum.
HTML Elements Index
A continuously updated list of all HTML and XHTML elements (all HTML versions), including their semantics.
HTML Goodies
Features HTML and graphics tutorials with online samples. Forums, and newsletter.
A list of HTML tutorials, image map tutorials, graphics pages, and cross browser help.
JED.WEB Developers Resources
A collection of DHTML links, tips, and tricks covering design and promotion of websites.
Learn HTML in a Weekend
Basic and intermediate HTML, tables, frames, forms, graphics, CSS, XHTML/XML, image maps, Java applets, and adding guestbooks. Includes reference code lists.
Learning HTML 3.2 by Examples
An explanation of HTML syntax, tutorials and a tag list.
New Elements in HTML 4.0 - Web Design Group
The new tags are discussed, as well as the use for Cascading Style Sheets in designing a webpage.
Robin's HTML 4.0 Conformance Test
Test a browser's support for new HTML 4.0 elements.
VSNetCom Test Suite
A small HTML test suite. Requires registration.
Web Design Group - HTML Help
HTML tag lists, tools, design tutorials, FAQs, an HTML help forum, and help links.
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